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Had some freelance photos published.
And my cable
system added "TV
Land!" Yippee!


Too much time on my ass again. The laziness demons are a bitch... but I'm fightin' em off.


Ray Charles.
"Georgia On My Mind."

talked to:

And before that, Alex.


Taking a little ride around town to get some fresh air and see who's raising hell.

wednesday, june 7th

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Quote Du Jour:
"Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind... I said Georgia... Georgia... A song of you comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines." (Ray Charles, "Georgia On My Mind")

Damn laziness demons... if you aren't careful, they will take over your body and bring you down... and I've been fighting with them all day. Fighting with them to get out of bed... to get motivated... to take care of some of the stuff I needed to do today. I can't say that I won every battle, but I did make it out of bed and have accomplished a thing or two. The day hasn't been a total waste.

The good news is that a photo I tried to sell yesterday was published today in the newspaper. (Page one!) It's not my first front page photo... and I hope it won't be the last... but the very cool feeling I get knowing that my work is out there telling a story never gets old. Yes, we've all heard that a photo is worth a thousand words... and it's true. A story can describe a news event, but a photo let's you see how things really were... and I really like it when it's my photo that gets to tell that story.

I just called Zoë on her cell phone. She was out on the town eating in some restaurant. I didn't think much about calling her... but she was a little surprised to hear from me. I guess that's because we're several hundred miles apart and haven't seen each other in a month and have relied only on e-mail for communication. I think it's fun to surprise people like that. After all, I'm willing to bet I was the last person she expected to talk to tonight. :-)

I'm a logical person. I like to look at things as right and wrong. I like to make things simple. Of course, when it comes to my existence... I throw all of those rules out the window. I like to do things for no reason at all to make people wonder. Instead of right and wrong... many times I walk in the shades of gray. I also make everything complex. Not sure why that it is. Jessie says it is because I have a terrible double standard. There is me and then there is the rest of the world. Maybe she's right. She is pretty smart.

I have always loved the Ray Charles tune quoted above. It's so good, it's nearly orgasmic. I can remember when I first heard it and appreciated it for some of it's present day value to me. Remember the show Quantum Leap? One episode ended with Al (the hologram) pretending to dance with his wife who was pretending to dance with him (she thought he was dead and, of course, couldn't see or feel him). They danced to this song. I know, that's frikkin' insane... but since that time, my appreciation for that song has only grown. And now, it brings back so many memories for me.

In the last year, Georgia has been a lot like Lindsay. It has provided me with some great moments and memories... and also some moments and memories that I wish I didn't experience or have. More on that later. I've spend enough time in front of this screen for now.

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