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I've been lucky and have been getting home early from the job...


...but I'm still not getting good sleep.



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wednesday, june 14th

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Quote Du Jour:
""Some men see things as they are and say, 'why?' I dream things that never were and say, 'why not?'" (Robert Kennedy)

When I get back to my regular office, I think that quote is going up on the door. You wouldn't believe the number of looks I get when I try to explain an idea that is nothing like "the way we've always done it." Although I'm not always successful, it is my goal to think "out of the box" as much as possible... and that's while many of the people I work with want to not only crawl back into the box, but shut it and tape it up. :-) (0208)

Good news, kids! I'm not a serial killer. I took a handy dandy online test to determine the probability of being a psychotic serial killer type of guy. They broke the results into four groups. Group one was harmless for the most part. Group four were the people to watch out for. I was in group two. Whew. What a relief.

What about you? Take the test for yourself. (0050)
Speaking of wacky things on the web... the lesson of the day today is to keep your sex quiet. The neighbors may be listening -- and they may be building a website to chronicle your coital activity.

Neighbor Sex is one guy's listing of the fun his next door neighbors have while he's at home and can hear them... (from his descriptions, he doesn't have to listen too carefully to hear anything). He's got dates, times, length of activity and then some. Very, very interesting.

It reminds me of a time when the shaggin' was a little closer than next door. I had a roommate once and he had a girl friend. They were both two of the nicest people you could meet. He was little. Short and skinny. He had to run around in the shower to get wet. She was a tad bigger. Remember, they were very nice people... but they were probably twice as horny as they were nice.

One day, I came back to get a short afternoon nap. I was alone in our very small dorm room. I stretched out on my twin-sized bed facing away from his bed and quickly fell asleep. After what seemed like a few seconds, I woke up in time to hear the end of an orgasm and one of the two say, "want to try a fourth time and set a record?" A fourth time!?! How long had I been asleep? I'm thinking that if they've done it three times already, I've been out for hours. Nope. I looked up at the clock... and it had been about 15 minutes. Damn they were quick.

It seems that they liked to have sex... and it didn't really matter if I was in the room or not. Nothing stopped them. Although, once upon a time I came close. After spending most of the night with some friends, I unlocked and opened the door of the room only to see my roommate and his girlfriend nekkid. (As Jeff Foxworthy (at least I think it was Jeff Foxworthy) says, "naked" is having no clothes on. "Nekkid" is when you have no clothes on and you are up to something.) Luckily, it was as though I was blessed from heaven with something to say. My mouth opened and the words, "I feel overdressed," came out. I closed the door, gave them a few minutes to put some clothes on and returned to the room without anyone saying another word about it. (0235)

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