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Dang it. I keep writing these things so early in the day... during my "pre-high hours." :-)


I ate some Pringles late Saturday night that did NOT settle well with me. :-(


I'm watching an MTV Road Rules marathon & listening to some MP3s.


My mother.


How well the straight jacket will fit & what the padded cell will look like.

Sunday, june 18th

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Quote Du Jour:
"So listen with all your heart. Hold it inside forever. You may find all your dreams have already come true. Look inside and find the part that's leadin' you 'cause that's the beat of a heart." (The Warren Brothers w/ Sara Evans, "That's the Beat of a Heart")

Do you think it's possible for a sane person to have multiple personalities?

I love summer. I always have. It's the long awaited break after nine months of busting your ass (or having your ass busted by someone else) in class. It's the reward for being a student. Even now as a college student, I savor the freedom of summer (even if some of that freedom is stolen by my job). But, it is because of my college student status that summers now have a weird feel to them.

At school in another state, I'm one person. Here at home, I'm another. It's as though there is a "school state me" and a "home state me." I wouldn't call it a "night and day" difference, but the conflict of these personalities gets me into trouble at times.

The home version of me would have settled down with Jessie a while ago... and would have already started planning "happily ever after." The school version of me wants nothing to do with that. He wants to see & do everything. He isn't ready to settle. This is complicated further by having Jessie in my home state... and almost everyone else that's important to me in my school state. At times, my home state me says that Jessie might just be the one... but that's usually when my other personality jumps in to disagree.

Yep, I know... the simple answer to this is "be yourself." But it seems that there are actually two different me's out there. How I play off people... how outgoing I am... what I'll say and won't say... these things are soooo different depending on where I'm at and who I'm with. I feel at times that there can only be one real me. And if that's the case, is how I act at other times just bullshit? How do I figure out what's real and what's bullshit? (0418)

A few days ago, I said that I would say more about Georgia and some of the stories from my experiences in that state -- some of the lessons learned...

Lesson learned #1: "Perfect moments" don't come around when you are looking for them... it's the times that you could care less about having a "perfect moment" that they show up.

In October 1999, I flew out to Atlanta with a co-worker for a journalism-type of convention. If memory serves me correctly, we spent Wednesday through Sunday together in Atlanta. Our expenses were paid. Our hotel was the tallest in North America. The view was wonderful. (Click here and see it for yourself). When we weren't tending to our convention duties, we spent all of our time together.

We ate in the tourist-esque restaurants (Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, et al.). We visited Underground Atlanta. We took in the Coca-Cola Museum. We even hiked a couple of miles to tour Turner Field, the home of the Atlanta Braves. I had dated her a couple of times about a year and a half prior to this trip... but that relationship ended before it really began for unspoken reasons. And for some reason, we had been doing a bit of arguing in the weeks before our trip. But for the few days we were in Atlanta, everything was different. Any sexual tension that should have been there was gone. Hell, there wasn't tension of any kind on that trip. We got along like best friends.

Looking back on the trip... and I'm not just talking about now... I'm talking about now and on the plane ride home and every time in between... this was the best trip I've ever taken with folks other than my family. And it almost beats out the family trips. :-) I went out to Atlanta to see a city I hadn't really seen much of... to learn a few things from my convention... to meet some new friends... and to skip school. I came back with memories of what I will call the longest "perfect moment" of my life. (0432)

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