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It's 2:10.
Too early for a high.


It's 2:10.
Too early for a low.


Garth Brooks.
"When You Come
Back To Me Again."


Pizza Hut.
(Hamburger pizza)


The Fall semester & wondering if it'll be as weird as the Spring semester was.

thursday, june 29th

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Quote Du Jour:
"There's a ship out on the ocean at the mercy of the sea. It's been tossed about, lost and broken -- wandering aimlessly. And God somehow you know that ship is me." (Garth Brooks, "When You Come Back To Me Again")

There have been some 30-odd semesters in my educational career. I believe that the Spring 2000 semester was one of most -- if not the most -- interesting of my life. You name it, and it probably happened during the Spring 2000 semester. And the ups and downs outside of the classroom almost got me into some serious trouble. You see, if I didn't manage to get some decent grades in the spring, it would have had to say so long to my university. That wasn't something I wanted to do. I had made too many friends and had too many good times to be forced to make an early departure.

As you know, Lindsay and I broke up in mid-March. I wasn't concerned with the break-up then... I had other things to deal with. However, when the other worries subsided in April, I turned my attention to Lindsay... and what I had... and what I had lost. I was in a funky, happy one minute & sad the next sorta manic depressive mood for most of the month. I drank little too much, too. As the end of the month approached, my condition worsened when I took a look at my academic standing. It wasn't good. I was on the borderline between Cs and Ds in all but one class. That wasn't good. With just one D, my school would probably have asked me to hit the road.

On April 28th, I was sitting in my dorm room with CMT on the television for some background noise. Being a big Garth fan, my attention turned to the TV when his video for "When You Come Back To Me Again" came on. It was made for the movie "Frequency," which was to premiere that night I believe. I had never seen the video... and because hadn't seen many previews for the movie, some clips used in the video just didn't make sense to me. I called up Alex as soon as the video was over and asked her if she wanted to go see it. She said yes.

I called her about 4:30 or so I think... and the movie was only a couple of hours away. I put whatever I had planned for the afternoon on hold and jumped in the shower. I was on time to pick her up (which was an accomplishment because I've been known to be tardy from time to time) and off we went. I thought the movie was very good... I enjoyed the story line and got to see the scenes from the video that didn't make sense.

At the end was Garth's song. I hadn't really focused on the lyrics when I saw the video earlier in the day... but sitting in that theatre... I got goose bumps when I actually listened to the words he was singing. It hit the nail on the head and provoked me to take action and attempt an eleventh-hour comeback from academic mediocrity.

The one line that really got me was, "There's a moment we all come to in our own time and our own space, where all that we've done, we can undo if our heart's in the right place." And there was my moment... it was right before finals and I had a chance to change the screw-ups of the semester. I had messed up but could fix them if my heart (and mind) was in the right place. It also helped that I was watching it with a friend that meant a lot to me. (I watched the movie a second time with some more close friends). By soaking up the message in the company of such important people... it sort of showed me what I was going to lose if I couldn't stay... and I didn't want to lose those folks. I got in gear and did pretty good on my finals. I'm going back in the fall & hope I don't have to have another "Frequency moment" this time. (0210)

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