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Taking a firefighting class last night (Fri). I'm still high from that.


I'm having some allergy problems for the second time this year. And usually, I never have problems.


Hope Floats


Tang. (Yum!)


Strange dreams.

saturday, july 8th

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Quote Du Jour:
"What makes you stay when your world falls apart? What makes you try one more time when it's not in your heart? At the end of your rope,when you can't find any hope, you still look at (her) and say, 'I just can't walk away.' Tell me what makes you stay." - Deana Carter, "What Makes You Stay."

Here's something for the weird dream files...

Wednesday night / Thursday morning, I had a weird dream. It was the first weird dream that I'd had in a while that was (1) vivid, (2) woke me up and (3) powerful enough for me to remember the next morning. What follows is an account of the dream:

I was driving north on a two-lane highway in my GMC Sonoma. I remember looking ahead and seeing another vehicle coming south in my lane. I thought to myself that I'm about to be involved in a head-on collision -- and those things usually don't have happy endings. I can remember closing my eyes and grasping the steering wheel with a death grip. And then I remember the impact.

I hit the vehicle and started spinning with my passenger side to the north. It finally stopped on the west shoulder of the road with my truck pointing south. I remember looking at the truck and seeing damage, but I don't remember how much damage there was. I started walking south down the middle of the road. I remember being sort of dazed, but without major injury. A few dozen yards down the road and to my left (the east shoulder) was the other vehicle... an 80s model Chevrolet or GMC pick-up. I can remember that there was much more damage to the other driver's truck than there was to mine... and I thought that that was very strange. The kind of truck he was driving is built like a tank compared to mine.

The driver was a guy... his door was missing... and he was sitting on the edge of his seat with his feet out the door (or where the door should have been). His head was in his hands. I remember thinking that I should check to see if he was injured... but I just kept walking.

The dream then jumped around throughout my day that day. I remember telling others that I had been in a serious wreck... and no one seemed to care.

It was a very strange dream, indeed. (0228)

One of the things I don't like about internet chatting is that there is little emotion. No inflection in a person's voice to read. One person can be saying one thing... and it comes across as something different to someone else.

This morning, I was chatting with Alex and a couple of other friends. I was in a funk of sorts... listening to sad music and feeling mellow. The next thing I know, I'm getting an ICQ message from Alex to let me know that she's about to call me on the phone. She called to see what was wrong with me. She said that I seemed like something was wrong when I was in the chat room. How did she pick up on that? Lately, she's been reading my frikkin' mind. And it's so cool to have someone else be able to peer inside and figure out a little bit of what's going on. (0403)

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