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Slept late and I feel pretty rested.


Worked until 5 a.m. and I'm going back for more.


Kenny Chesney:
"That's Why I'm Here."


A handful of Skittles
about 12 hours ago.



monday, july 24th

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Quote Du Jour:
"Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better." - John Updike.

Alrighty, this is the deal... My primary duties at my "summer paper" have only partially been news-related. We're creating our fourth magazine style, full-color visitors guide for our area. In addition to layout and design of the guide's editorial content (which was my sole job when we did it for the first time), I'm designing advertising. This may be the root of my problems lately.

I have nothing against advertising. Ads aren't the reason newspapers exist (at least most newspapers), but they are "how" newspapers exist. They make money. News doesn't make money. Ads make money. And I understand that. And creating ads is loads of fun. But it gets old... oh, so terribly old.

What is my job like this summer? Well, in this ad-building business, I plop my ass down in front of a computer (a new Mac G4) and sit. And create ads. And sit. And create ads. And sit some more. The folks in the editorial department get to leave the building every now and then. The folks in ad sales get to leave the building a lot. Yours truly, however, remains seated. I guess that's why I've been doing most of my work after hours... I want to be there alone. So I don't have to watch people come and go... while I'm stuck in that chair.

Oh, I could be like Devil Chick and take a 15-minute smoke break outside every hour (you are only supposed to get two breaks a day)... but I don't smoke. And I would feel a little bit odd just standing outside on the sidewalk doing nothing. I guess I'm just a little unhappy... and for some reason, I'm looking for every reason in the world to stay that way. (1348)

I went into work about 11 p.m. last night. I know I should have gone in about 6 (when I got in from my trip)... but I procrastinate sometimes... okay, I tend to procrastinate quite a bit. It's something I've been working on. And I haven't done it as much this summer. But, as they say, old habits die hard. Anyway, I worked until about 5 this morning. The thing that took up most of my time was redesigning some ads that one of my coworkers had designed. And this co-worker of mine is yet another of my frustrations with work.

Last month, we had an organizational pow wow for this visitors guide project. We snuck out of the office and brought all of the ad sales people and the ad designing people together to brainstorm, etc. Well, we brought everyone together, that is, except Smiley Boy. He didn't show. He stayed back at the office and piddled. Of course, he missed important planning information. And because he wasn't at the meeting, there is no way that he could have been on "the same sheet of music" as the rest of us.

But, when it came time to get the project started, he jumped in... and has not done a very good job. Many of his ads are plain. They lack graphical touches. They are more of a newspaper style than the magazine style we're shooting for. I've heard folks try to drop hints to him... but he just nods his head and smiles. And that's about to drive me crazy, because he's nodding his head way to soon. If you are gonna pretend to listen to someone, you have to nod after they say what they are gonna say... you know, so that it appears you (1) listened to what they said and (2) you understood it, too. He's jumping the gun. He's nodding way to soon... and it's blowing his cover. It's starting to seem more and more obvious that he isn't exactly grasping everything that he's told.

So, this weekend, I was given four of his projects to redesign. I fixed three of them. I think they look pretty good (but I'm partial). And as much as it doesn't seem like it, I don't mind helping out, but it's frustrating when you are supposed to be working with "professionals" that simply aren't getting the job done. This is his career. This is my summer job. What's wrong with that picture? (1401)
I'm not as evil as I sound. I don't hate everybody. Actually, I don't hate anyone. But these folks at work have been bugging me for a while... and I had to vent. I've wondered if I'm picking on them simply because they aren't "old school" at the paper like I am. I don't know. But I guess it doesn't matter because this gig won't last forever... Just for a few more weeks. (1415)

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