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I happened to stop by the Central Fire Station and, while I was there, we were dispatched to a brush fire that I was able to help extinguish.


I've still got these weird bouts of sleepiness that hit me off an on... and I get headaches for no good reason. Oh yeah, and then there is work. :-)


Cowboy Mouth:
"How Do You Tell Someone."




Satanic coworkers.
Why work sucks.

tuesday, july 25th

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Quote Du Jour:
"Because of Christ's resurrection -- and His guarantee that He will resurrect all who believe in Him -- we are the most fortunate, the most blessed people on the planet! Our faith is effective, we are not in our sins, our departed loved ones are with the Lord, and the labor we do for Him is not in vain." - Bob Wilkin.

When it comes to design, I find it hard not to tweak and experiment often. My journal is no exception. After I returned from work Monday night, I played with things a bit and what you see here is the result. What do you think? It's a little dark, according to one of my loyal readers... if you agree... and especially if you think it's too dark, e-mail me and let me know. (0113)

Note: What you see here is not the design I created on July 25, 2000. It's just a template I used for all of my "Chapter One" entries. I hope to one day have a page that shows all of my different entry designs. That page, which should be linked to from the index when its created, will feature my July 25 design.

Lately, I've felt almost as bad as I did in the final weeks of the Spring semester. One minute, I'm high as a kite. And then in the next minute, I'm feel oh so low. It's a roller coaster of emotions... and it's driving me insane. Of course, I know where the root of the problem lies (at work), but I don't want to think about quitting. That would sort of hurt my chances at getting good references down the line... And I would hate to see more than four years of hard work (how long I've been there off and on) go down the tubes.

Devil Chick keeps freaking me out. And what pisses me off even more is that it seems that she's ashamed that she has been "found out." I'm thinking that if you are going to believe in ANYthing... you should be willing to stand behind it and support it. Today, I noticed that she had drawn a pentagram type of deal on one of her shoes... and the word satan. I asked her about it... and, at first, she tried to deny that it was her doing. At first, she said that the shoes were that way when she bought them second-hand. Of course, she was doing a little giggle type of thing... you know, the kind of giggle you tend to make when you're embarrassed AND lying.

Anyway, I asked her to explain what her deal was. I asked her if this was something she really believed in or if it was just something she was doing to maintain an image or something. In no uncertain terms, she told me that she didn't have to explain anything to me. Well, she's right about that. She doesn't have to to explain anything to me. But if someone had asked me about my feelings on Christianity (my religion of choice), I would be happy to do so.

I pretty much offered up my stance on why I thought her behavior was freaky. I believe that everything I've read has pretty much aligned the devil with evil and God with the good of the world. I support those theories. Devil Chick accused me of just going along with what I was told. She told me that she had a mind of her own (and by doing so implied that I didn't). I disagree. I've seen both sides of the equation on the topic of good vs. evil... and I'm going with good. That's having a mind of your own. Just because you side with the majority, doesn't mean that you don't have a mind of your own.

This attitude of hers carries over into other things to. She plays a variety of music. I can support a lot of it. Some of it, however, has some satanic tones to it... and I can't get behind that at all. But I understand that her music is her thing. Lately, I've threatened to bring some of my Garth Brooks music up there for her to have to listen to. She was not receptive of the idea. Why is it that her music is normal to listen to... but mine is freaky? Why can we listen to her music day in and day out... but not mine?

Simply put, Devil Chick is the reason we should have cubicles at work.

I guess I should look at the music deal and the religion deal as sort of the same thing. But I can't. Music is very important to me... but it's not everything. Your religion is everything. It's the basis for who you are, where you think you came from and where you think you are going in life (and beyond). If your religion centers around something I consider as somewhat evil... then that's just freaky. (2258)
It's sort of odd... but this whole devil business has brought my conservative values out in full force... but that's actually made me understand liberals a little better. Confused? Lemme explain.

When people with beliefs other than Christianity complain about prayers at football games (which should no longer be a problem) or Christian activities in school... I've always dismissed their complaints as nonsense. Now I know how it feels to have another persons right there in front of you... with no real way to make them go away.

Of course, most of the religious debates that have come up over school prayer, etc. have been between religions that support good causes. I mean, Jews and Presbyterians have different beliefs... but they both support the idea of one, good God. Same goes for debates with Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses. With this Devil Chick stuff, though, it's not a debate over the details of good... it's a debate between good and bad. And I've got to give my support to good. (2311)

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