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Devil Chick was asleep in the boss' office when I came to work, so I was very productive without her to distract me.


"Second verse, same as the first." Work sucks. My head hurts. My eyes are heavy even though I get enough sleep.


Jim Croce:
"Time In A Bottle"


Sonic Hamburger
and a M&M Blast. 


Helping Jessie move out of her apt.

wednesday, july 26th

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Quote Du Jour:
"Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions." - Woody Allen.

All of this good vs. evil stuff lately has me doing a lot of thinking. At times, I feel weird about making a big deal of it. Afterall, I'm not a saint by any stretch of the imagination. I've done quite a bit of stuff in my 20-some-odd years on Earth. And some of that stuff was stuff I shouldn't have been doing. So if I'm not Mr. Perfect myself, why should I be on someone's case about doing stuff that isn't exactly right.

The logic I use to justify my position goes something like this: In all of the stuff I've done... I've know some of it was wrong... and throughout my life I've continued to belief in a superior, good heavenly being. Devil Chick doesn't seem to support that same position. So even though neither one of us is perfect... I'm right in thinking that is she is astray just a tad. We aren't on the same team. I'm supporting what is perceived to be good. She is supporting what is perceived to be evil. And call me old fashioned if you will, but I think you've gotta go with good every time when it comes down to picking between the two. (1838)

Just let me vent...

I get this all out of my system sooner or later...

As if her religious beliefs weren't enough to make me think ill of her, she showed her true colors today. The publisher and the advertising sales staff were out of the office for a meeting. Devil Chick goes into the boss's office (which is home to closely-guarded company secrets), turns out the lights, closes the door and goes to sleep. When the publisher returns, our receptionist quickly snuck back there to wake her up. Oh yeah, that's productive. (Note sarcasm) And she'll probably get paid for her nap. And her non-productivity continued into the afternoon as she spent a full hour away from her desk talking to the receptionist in the lobby.

It's stuff like that that drives me crazy. I'm only temporary and I'm supposed to give 110% when the regular people won't? And why isn't my publisher more concerned about the problem (this isn't the only problem... there are many more that have surfaced since I left the paper in 1998)? Many of the rank and file staff members claim the only thing the publisher worries about is the bottom line. He's a better person than that. I have higher expectations of him than that. But the more time I spend at the paper... the more I worry that the rank and file might be right. (1845)

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