My High:

My high is that I feel high. I can't figure it out... but I've just felt pretty good lately.

My Low:

Hmm... let's go with the ol' standard: "It's 3:46 am and I'm not in bed yet."

Listening To:

I'm flipping between CMT, VH1 & MTV. But nothing decent has been one lately, so the TVs been muted most of the time.

Last Thing I Drank:

Tropical Punch

Thinking About:

The ways you change over time... and how changes in your life are so easy when you don't think about them & how they are so hard to make when you do.

the first day of august, 2000... a tuesday.

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Quote Du Jour:
"Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away." - Marcus Antoninus, Roman Emperor.

Is it August already? Where does time go?

It seems like yesterday when Alex and I took an early morning walk following my great July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza. And it seems like only a week ago that I was drunk, depressed and hitting bottom outside a bar... and returning home to get life in order (which this journal has helped do). And I know that I couldn't have been but a few weeks before that when Lindsay and I were together in love. But wait... that's been months ago... not days or weeks. Time does indeed fly. (0312)

I live in one state. I go to school in another. And actually, the two locales are only about 80 miles apart. The biggest problem with this arrangement is that I have to pay out-of-state tuition... and out-of-state tuition is somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 bazillion dollars a semester. Yeah, I know. It's a lot.

In all seriousness, a resident of the state could go to school for about five semesters for what I pay for one. How crazy is that? What further frustrates me is that because I get paid for my work on the school paper... I'm actually a taxpayer of that state. I'm paying income taxes. I'm helping support higher education in that state -- and they still charge me out of state fees.

Monday, however, I found out that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and this time, it's not a train.) There is a special program at my university where any out-of-state student earning a degree has their out-of-state fees waived for all subsequent degrees. And I'm only 10 hours away from an associate's degree in general studies. This means that I could change my major and my schedule this fall to general studies, apply to graduate in December, pass all of my classes and be free of out-of-state fees forever. I would then re-apply to the university for the spring semester in my old major.

There is only one drawback to this plan. Under my current college course of study, I don't have to have a foreign language. And that's a big plus for me... because I'm not a big fan of foreign languages... well, at least not a big fan of learning them. And when I reapplied to the university, they would update my course of study... and I believe I would have to take two semesters of foreign language. Yuck! But I guess it'll be worth it. Afterall, I'll be saving bazillions of dollars, you know. (0324)

zil·lion (noun): large indeterminate number. (Merriam-Webster)
(noun): a whole bunch of zillions. (I.M. Fletcher)

I need some Mac tech support as soon as possible. I've gotta figure out how to get my personal zip disk out of the company's computer. I called the folks that sold us the computer and they said there was a pinhole (to manually eject the disk) on the back of the zip drive inside the computer. I looked but didn't see one. I went to Apple's web site and looked for some tech support there. It suggested some weird Option-Command-P-R keystroke to reset parts of the RAM. I did that. Still no luck.

The problem is this. The zip disk was hot. I left it in my truck. (I know, I'm a dumbass.) I then put it in my pretty darn new Mac G4. The little green light blinks but nothing ever happens. The zip icon doesn't appear on screen and the disk doesn't eject when you shutdown or restart the computer. I'm getting worried. I don't really want to buy a new zip drive for a computer I don't own... not to mention the 100 megs of files I might have lost. As if my other troubles at work weren't enough, huh? Yeesh. (0341)


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