My High:

Had a fire today (that wasn't the high) and was able to get some pix (which will be a high if they are any good.)

My Low:

I was up all night.
I slept all day.

Listening To:

Bill Conti:
"Lane's Theme."

Last Thing I Ate:

Oscar Mayer
Ham Lunchable

Thinking About:

How warm it is outside.
My sleep patterns.
Returning to school.
Seeing "Autumn in New York" when it opens next week.

the second day of august, 2000... a wednesday.

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Quote Du Jour:
"Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes... but no plans." -Peter Drucker, Austrian writer, author & educator.

I was digging through some files and found an AOL IM coversation I had saved between Alex and I from back in January. The reason I saved it was that it lasted forever -- and Alex & I had not exactly been on the best of terms through the final month or so of the semester. In this coversation, we talked about New Year's resolutions. At the time, I had six public resolutions. It's interesting to look back on them now and see how things turned out.

1. Make life at the school newspaper simplier.
Life at the paper wasn't simple for a couple of reasons. First, S.D. and I were co-editors of the paper and we hadn't been getting along. Needless to say, there was trouble in Dodge. Also, out night to layout the paper is Wednesday and we were spending from the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday until somewhere between 4-6 on Thursday morning laying out the paper. It was taking us entirely too long... and my grades suffered because I was skipping my Thursday classes to sleep. Was I successful? Sort of. Alex and I made up and worked together wonderfully. It still took us all night Wednesday to lay the dang thing out.

2. Do more. Work less.
I wanted to get more done but spend less time doing it. See above. I guess you could say I failed to live up to this one.

3. Make better grades.
Although it was April before I started working hard, I was actually able to bring my grades up quite a bit. So, I'll consider resolution number three successful.

4. Don't drop my math class.
It's not that I don't like math... it's that I don't like most math teachers. Almost every math teacher I've had has been totally insane or demonically evil. This semester, however, was different. Not only did I NOT drop the math course, I passed it with a B.

5. Pay the Visa bill every month.
Whoops. Not gonna lie about this one. Citibank probably isn't happy with me.

6. Determine a purpose for my life.
Still looking. But I don't feel to bad about not being successful with resolution number six. It was a bit of a challenge, I guess.

So, the final result is two-and-a-half out of six. Gee, that's less than half. I wonder what the national average is for keeping New Year's resolutions. It can't be good. And I know I haven't helped it any. (0408/1840)


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