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the twenty-third day of august, 2000... a wednesday.

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Note From Thomas Fletcher:
I was away from my computer for the most part of the week August 20-26. The entries you find here form that week were written at random moments on each of the days. No highs, lows, or other information was recorded. Also, there is no quote or lyric du jour for these entries.

When my first class ended early, I went up to the student publications offices to kill time until my next class. I ran into Alex. For the past two years, she's been a co-worker at the student paper. Now, she's left the paper to take the job as editor at the yearbook. It's a natural fit, though, because she's a public relations major. Anyhow, while I was up there... her new assistant editor came in. I don't know why, but I officially felt replaced.

No one can come close to having the unique friendship Alex & I have. But this new guy will be spending more time with her than I will. (Maybe) And I guess that miffs me a bit. Must be my male instinct to protect the things and people I value. Who knows. Let me go and pee on a bush to mark my territory. ;-)

My mother did a great job raising me and my brother on her own. We've been a three person family for more than 10 years now. But you can't help but wonder how not having a man in the house changed me... or how I might be different if there had been one around. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with who I am (almost)... but it's something interesting to wonder about.

How about that Survivor show, huh? I'm not usually hooked to any show on network television, but "Survivor" was an exception to the rule. I caught the first episode by chance and was hooked from then on. Tonight, we had a Survivor part at Jonathan's apartment.

Initially, Lindsay said she couldn't come because she had practice for a play she's in. However, she ended up showing up anyway. Hmmmm. Make that suspicious story #1. She left halfway through the shin dig. Supposedly she had homework to do. Once the show was over, Alex, Jonathan, another friend and I decided to ride over to Lindsay's apartment. What did we find? I can tell you it wasn't her doing any homework. Jose was there. And after further inspection of her bedroom, I found a couple of pairs of his shoes, his clothes and his toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shaving cream. This didn't look like just an overnight stay. Especially since others have found the same stuff on other occasions. I'm not sure what's more painful... her screwing some guy that's not me... or her lying about it.

I went to Wal-Mart tonight to pick-up a few things... one of those things was pencils for for class. Of course, I wasn't thinking that today was the first day of school... and there was very little left in the office & school supply section. You would think that the simple laws of supply & demand would dictate that when demands is greater, supply would be as well... especially since the store didn't increase price on the supply it did have.

Speaking of the first day of school, it went pretty well. It started early with an 8 o'clock class. I semi-joked to some friends that during the summer, I was awake at 8 a.m. more times because I stayed awake all night than I was because I woke up that early. I guess that'll have to change.
It's amazing how easy it's seemed to slip back into my life at school. I've enjoyed the summer and I'll miss the firefighting gig and Jessie being around, but I have some real good friends down here... and I forgot what it was lie to see them often. It's something I've missed.

Here is what my schedule looks like...

0800 - 0900 ~ Music Appreciation
0900 - 1000 ~ Intro. to Aviation
1100 - 1200 ~ Intro. to Criminal Justice
1200 - 1300 ~ Louisiana History

1100 - 1230 ~ Broadcast Regulations
1230 - 1400 ~ Biology


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