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the twenty-fifth day of august, 2000... a friday.

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Note From Thomas Fletcher:
I was away from my computer for the most part of the week August 20-26. The entries you find here form that week were written at random moments on each of the days. No highs, lows, or other information was recorded. Also, there is no quote or lyric du jour for these entries.

That part yesterday about knowing or not knowing why I switch from personality extremes is bullshit. I do know. Someone will say something and it'll usually get me thinking about stuff. And when I'm thinking seriously about something, I'm not talking.
I think college has become high school to a certain extent. Just a few decades ago, you had to have a high school diploma to get most jobs. Now, the minimum is a college degree. I think this requirement has sent more folks off to college... that means more people that aren't prepared mentally or emotionally.

I've played with a few ideas for a new splash page graphic. I showed them to Jonathan. The one thing that makes them different from the current design is that they incorporate my photo in them. He was thrown by this. He said something along the lines of, "are you sure you want to use your picture." That got me thinking... again. What good are the words of my journal is I'm not willing to stand behind them? And it's hard to stand behind something when you are hiding behind an alias.

On the other hand, I can pull something from the recent "Survivor" series. That game was won with the creation of alliances between players. The same is true in life. You've got to make alliances -- friendships. With those comes a sense of trust... and can you really have trust if you turn around and write everything down in a journal the entire world can read?


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