My High:

Five days of school with perfect attendance. Don't laugh. This is actually an accomplishment. ;-)

My Low:

I'm still feeling pretty crappy about yesterday. And the fact that I thought telling people about my relationship with Lindsay would help matters. I'm a dumb ass.

Listening To:

Garth Brooks and The Magic of Christmas.

Last Thing I Drank:

20-ounce Coca-Cola.

Thinking About:

How long Wed. will be
and how much more drama will stem from yesterday's events.

the twenty-ninth day of august, 2000... a tuesday.

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Quote Du Jour:
"I hope I never lay eyes on you again." - Lindsay.

I know that it's still August, but I missed "Christmas in July" so I popped in a Christmas CD tonight for a little soothing change of pace. You know, the big day is less than four months away. And it is my most favorite holiday. So many happy memories and emotions surround that time of year. It's nice to take a trip from reality once in a while... A little Christmas music -- even if its in August - allows me to do that. ((2313))
Speaking of reality, reality turned ugly yesterday. Real ugly.

Jose used to write sports for the student newspaper. He called Jonathan and I to set up a meeting to discuss him doing a little writing on the side. In what is the spirit of our newspaper, the three of us decided to meet for happy hour at a local restaurant. We drank a few beers and had a nice conversation about him writing a sports column, the likelihood of our football team having a successful season and the problems at our university. As we were wrapping up our little party, I asked him what the deal was with him and Lindsay. He told me that they were dating. I responded with, "why doesn't she say that?" He told me I was being immature. (Not sure where that came from.) I said, "well, are you living there?" He responded with, "well, I'm fucking her and when I fuck her, I like to spend the night." That was typical Jose form.

I don't remember the specifics of the conversation for the few moments after that statement. I do remember saying something that alluded to the fact that Lindsay and I had a physical relationship. Jose turned to me and said, "Are you saying you fucked her?" I replied, "Yes." He seemed somewhat pissed off as we left the restaurant. That's understandable. As we got outside, he asked me again, "Are you saying you fucked her?" I had six or seven beers in me and I was not thinking as clearly as I should have. I replied with, "Five time and I can give you dates." In retrospect, that was so trashy of me. It went against what I should stand for as someone who wants to be a gentleman. But I had this overwhelming desire for the world to know. I was tired of what I felt was a big lie. Afterall, if Lindsay had lied about our relationship and had lied about hers and Jose's relationship... I felt someone needed to call her on it. And the best way I knew how to do that was to tell my story. I now look back and see that I did some things wrong just a tad.

When I made the comment about the dates... Jose became furious. He told me that I had been disrespectful to him and to Lindsay... and that no one could be disrespectful to the people he loved. At that moment, I felt sorry for the boy. Because even though he wanted to kick my tail, we were so much alike at that moment. I had been where he was once upon a time. I was in love with her and found out how she hadn't been honest with me. That stings so much. He shook my hand and told me that he would have a professional relationship with me... but if we wanted to get personal, he would wipe my ass off the planet -- or something to that effect. I seriously believe that the only reason there wasn't a fight in the parking lot was that Jonathan was there to step in and be the voice of reason. ((2332))

That's the first part of the story. The second part is when Lindsay called me and was a tee-tiny bit upset. It seemed that Jose went to her apartment and they had a fight. Evidentally, she didn't tell him about me. That doesn't really surprise me. Once the fighting was over, she called me. And it seems that she called others, too, acting quite frantic. There was drama throughout the land. But at this moment... I'm tired and am not feeling like writing it all out. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday.

You see, Wednesdays are newspaper days for me. That's when we lay out the student newspaper. And they tend to be really long days. Tomorrow has the potential to be really long because it appears as though our newest staff members have slacked pretty hard on doing their work. This is disappointing to me... because these are journalism students that don't seem to care about journalism. But more importantly, it's frustrating because their lack of desire to do their job puts more pressure on Jonathan and I... and that's not fair to us I think. ((2337))


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