My High:

No real big high. I woke up, went to class, went to work, watched TV, bought a pizza and am typing this.

My Low:

Even though I had nothing to do last night, I still managed to stay up late and not get enough sleep.

Listening To:

Watching Emeril Live on the Food Network.

Last Thing I Ate:

Papa John's
Hamburger Pizza.

Thinking About:

(a) My weekend trip.
(b) Laying out the paper tomorrow and getting done early.
(c) Dragging my ass to bed at a decent hour.

the fifth day of september, 2000... a tuesday.

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Quote Du Jour:
"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction." - Anne Frank

No, I'm not dead. Although I never thought I'd go this long without finding the time to do some writing. What can I say? Lately, it feels like I've had so much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Last week, I dealt with the drama of Jose & Lindsay in addition to getting into a regular routine at school. Of course, the routine was thrown out the window when I played hooky for three of my four Friday classes. Those same classes weren't held yesterday (Monday) because of Labor Day. And I'll be out of town Friday, so I'll miss them again. I'm not exactly off to a good start, am I?

My lack of scholastic productivity was soon erased from my mind by my Labor Day weekend. I do believe that it was one of the most productive three-day weekends I've had in some time. Friday, I had the chance to hang out with Alex and some big, powerful lawmakers at a cocktail party. (She works for the state legislator that hosts a weekend get-together each year for big and powerful people). However, something told me to drive home. So I did.

I was in a nostalgic mood and wanted to look through old stuff. A search through our attic (which must have been 120 degrees) didn't lead to any good boxes to sort through. I went out to the carport and found a box of stuff that wasn't necessarily old... but that would fulfill my nostalgic urges never the less. My brother plays high school football, so he and my mother were at the game. I turned the radio on to listen to the play-by-play and started going through my box. It was a perfect change to get some good "Fletch time" in. You know... Without the distractions of others. After sorting through the box and chunking some of the junk that had made it into storage, I put in a few Christmas CDs. Yes, I know it's September. But with temperatures in the triple digits every day, I needed some cooler thoughts. That... and I'm a big fan of Christmas. I can't help it. I was also born in December... so I guess that adds to my interest. December is the only month in which I receive any gifts. heh, heh.

After my cleaning & Christmas moments were over, I decided to head over to Jessie's house. Before I made it there, I responded to back-to-back fires. I'm never happy when others experience misfortune, but it was nice to get to do the one thing I can't do at school -- run with the FD. It was as though I had never left for school... I finally made it to the Jessie place two hours after I had left my house and we stayed up until 4 a.m. or so talking and carrying on.

Saturday, I spent my day either in bed or helping some of Jessie's family build a deer stand. Sunday, I spent the entire day down at Jessie's grandfather's farm putting the finishing touches on the stand and clearing trails in the woods. It was pretty warm, but I love to be in the woods where it's just Mother Nature and I. I spent the night Sunday at Jessie's place. We woke up, took some steaks over to my house and grilled lunch. Having the four of us (me, Jessie, my mom & brother) cooking and eating together made it feel like a holiday. Holidays are supposed to be enjoyed with family and friends.

For folks addicted to my life story... Don't expect the regular entries to resume too soon. Thursday, I'm sneaking out of town for the weekend. I won't be back until Sunday late... And then I'll be busy trying to get into the swing of things again. I'm hoping that after this weekend, I'll be able to establish a regular pattern for writing and updating. I guess it's good I didn't sign up for any of those journal rings requiring a certain number of updates a week. They would have booted me by now.
I tried to upload this page about 10:30 or 11... but couldn't connect to my university's dial-up number. This goes back to the old saying, "you get what you pay for." (The dial-up service is free) While I was waiting for the rest of the university to log off, I went over to the student newspaper office to get my backpack, which I had left earlier in the day. Even though I needed to be in bed, I got on the computer and piddled until about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. I don't know why I always shoot myself in the foot, but I do. There I was... ready for bed... needing to get in bed... and I was wasting time on the computer. I don't understand my thinking sometimes.

Anyway, while I was sitting in the office all by myself... a strong perfume odor filtered into the office. It was very weird. It smelled like something Alex or Lindsay would wear. I guess my nose and my mind were playing tricks on me. But I don't like it when that happens late at night when I'm in a place alone. It did not frighten me... but it was eerie.

The one time a smell scared the mess out of me happened while working for the paper in my hometown several years ago. I was working alone late one night (or early one morning depending on how you want to look at it). The advertising, composition and editorial departments are in the front of the office. The presses, rolls of newsprint and other stock paper are in the back along with the bathrooms and darkroom.

I had walked back to the bathroom and as I returned to the front of the office, I smelled a very strong men's cologne as I walked past the rows of paper and envelopes we had for job printing. From that point, I can see the front door and the back door. Both appeared to be secure... But I wasted no time... I got my stuff and hauled ass. You see, not too many months before that night, we had a pressman pass away. And he was known for wearing strong cologne. Even though I liked the guy in life... I didn't really want to meet him in death... And I wasn't gonna take any chances.


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