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the sixth day of september, 2000... a wednesday.

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Note From Thomas Fletcher:
I was away from my computer September 6-10. The entries you find here from that week were written at random moments on each of the days in a paper journal. These entries may not contain all of the elements of normal entry such as highs, lows, quotes, etc.

4 a.m. That's how late we worked last Wednesday night on the newspaper. And it was only a 10-page paper. How said is that? How frustrating is that? Very sad and very frustrating. When I joined the staff at school two years ago, a "late night" meant working until midnight. Under my leadership, we've worked as late as 8 a.m. If you ask me... the paper looks a helluva lot better than it ever has. And I'd like to think that others would agree. But I can't get the thing done at a decent hour.. and that bugs me.

Today is Wednesday again. Another chance to get done early. But even before I start the layout process, I'm behind. Two of the pages were supposed to be done yesterday. Last night, about 11 or 12, they had not been done. The tree people responsible for those pages are my most responsible people. I can't fire them... There is no one left to replace them. No one has any desire it seems to do their best anymore... and no one wants to "pay their dues" on the school paper staff. How can you be a journalism student and not want to work for a newspaper. It makes no sense to me. But I will rant no more.


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