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Flying to Michigan.

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the seventh day of september, 2000... a thursday.

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Note From Thomas Fletcher:
I was away from my computer September 6-10. The entries you find here from that week were written at random moments on each of the days in a paper journal. These entries may not contain all of the elements of normal entry such as highs, lows, quotes, etc.

The journey has begun. The city where I got to school is the birthplace of an internationally known airline. Because they got their start there, they still fly the big jets from there. The others airlines fly commuter planes. Guess what? I'm on one of "the other airlines."

The place is one of those twin engine propeller planes. I call 'em "puddle jumpers." They don't ever fly too far from home. And I've just about out grown them. Literally. My legs are folded funny and my somach is being poked by the tray table. Guess that's the pitfalls of having a larger than average build.

There's not excuse for me not to do some writing this weekend. This is the first long trip I've taken without CDs. I don't know how it slipped my mind, but my portable CD players was the one thing I forgot to bring from home. Tht's okay. I should have plenty to do. It's gonna be a fun weekend. Speaking of, I guess I should tell you about it a bit.

My great aunt has spent most of her life working for a nationally-known university in Michigan. She was a professor, directed the counseling center and was their faculty representative to the NCAA. She was the first person in the conference... and perhaps the nation... to ever hold the position of faculty rep. She was also the first female vice president of the NCAA. What a lady, huh? And to think... she's my aunt.

Anyway, tomorrow (Friday), they are inducting her into the university's athletics hall of fame. It's a great honor I think... and I'm flying up to represent my family. Friday, we've got a reception, dinner and the induction ceremony. Saturday, we'll attend a football game where they will honor the inductees at halftime. What fun! (Seriously) And then Sunday, I head back to reality.

Well, the first of my three flights is about over. It's been uneventful, but I guess that's a good thing. I'm sitting in Row 2... beside the propellar. I don't know if its a safety measure or what... but there is no window for my seat. It's okay, I guess. There hasn't been much scenery. For the past month, it's been clear and hot as hell in my neck of the woods. I'm talking about triple-digits. Now, I'm about to land in Memphis, where it's in the mid 70s at 3:30 p.m. There is fairly havy cloud cover... so there is nothing to see out of the window even if I had one. But I'll take the clouds if the cool weather comes along with them.

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