Friday's High:

Ate lunch with Alex (even if it wasn't a one-on-one type of deal).

Friday's Low:

I skipped three of my classes... Shame on me.

Listening To:

"Seven Spanish Angels"
Willie Nelson and
Ray Charles.

Last Thing I Drank:

A glass of Tropicana Season's Best OJ (with no pulp - I hate pulp).

Thinking About:

Washing clothes.

the fifteenth day of september, 2000... a friday.

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Lyric Du Jour:
"I need you... like water, like breath... like rain. I need you like mercy from Heaven's gate. There's a freedom in your arms and it carries me through. I need you." - Leann Rimes, "I Need You."

This is has not been the best day. I've felt crappy for most of it. I was over at Jonathan's apartment last night until nearly 3 a.m. drinking beer and talking with him and Macy. 3 a.m. is not the ideal bedtime when you have an 8 a.m. class the next morning... and I couldn't skip it... I'd already missed this class three times this semester. That's the problem with easy classes, they are so easy... you feel like you can miss one or two... or three every now and then.

So, I woke up early this morning... the beer still heavy in my stomach and my eyes heavy with sleep. I skipped the shower and headed to class. I've got four classes on Friday. I only made it to one. After the first one, I felt so bad that I headed over to the Student Publications offices and crashed on the sofa in the yearbook office. Yeah, I should have just gone back to my room to my bed, but I wanted to see
Alex for some reason. After a couple of hours on the sofa, I joined Alex and her assistant editor for lunch. It was nice. Although I don't think he likes me much. Or any of my friends, either. He used to work for me and Alex at the newspaper. When Alex jumped ship to the yearbook, he did, too. Am I jealous? Perhaps. I'm looking into the possibility of it.

So now, it's a quarter to five in the afternoon. I have nothing planned for the evening... but have a pile of dirty clothes the size of a small mountain. I wouldn't worry about washing them... but I am now officially out of clean stuff that I am willing to wear in public. So I guess I better collect my quarters and head to the laundry room.

Tuesday, I made mention that
Alex and I went to a bookstore. One of the books she picked up and looked at was "2002 Things To Do On a Date." It had a ton of suggestions for things to do when you've seen all of the movies and been to all of the restaurants. One of the suggestions was having a tic-tac-toe tournament on the sidewalk with chalk.

Wednesday, I went and bought a big box of sidewalk chalk for her. No one else knew what the deal was... but I think she thought it was sweet of me. At least, that's what she said. It was paper layout day for me... so we couldn't play long. We did, however, get a couple of games in... it was a draw the first time and she smoked me the second.

Speaking of newspaper layout... we were done by 2 a.m. That's not really a victory because it was a small paper this week. And the size of the paper is out of our hands... that's the advertising people's work. If they don't sell ads, we have a small paper. That's the way it works. I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Why is it taking so long?

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