Sunday's High:

Spent quality time with Jessie... and I'm about to go over to Jonathan's for a little fun.

Sunday's Low:

No real low. I slept all morning, but I really needed the rest.

Listening To:

Ray Charles.

Last Thing I Ate:

Chicken McNugget Extra Value Meal. It's about the only thing I'll eat from McDonald's.

Thinking About:

Our weekly Sunday night gathering at Jonathan's place. Alex is supposed to come and it's been a week since things got interesting.

the seventeenth day of september, 2000... a sunday.

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Lyric Du Jour:
"I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes and the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much I love you." - Eric Clapton, "Wonderful Tonight."

What can I say? It's been a pretty good weekend. It started out shaky, but it didn't take long to turn things around. Jessie was supposed to come down this weekend. It was my school's first home football game. And Jessie's little sister marches in the band. However, Jessie was anything but happy with me this week. We had a long phone conversation Monday about a lot of different things that were on my mind... including Sunday's kiss... my broadcast regs class... school and the newspaper... lots of stuff. We had a good talk. But I got busy with lots of other stuff and sort of dropped off the face of the earth for a while. I didn't call her or e-mail her. It wasn't anything personal, just that I was swamped with other stuff.

She called Wednesday night while I was at work, but by the time I got in, it was too late to call her. Thursday, I got up, went to class, came home, took a shower, went to my staff meeting, went to a pep rally and then to Jonathan's place. When I got in about 3 a.m., there were a couple of messages on the machine from
Jessie... but it was too late to call her back. She sounded miffed that she hadn't heard from me. And I can understand why she would feel that way. I tried to call her at her office at her apartment, but got no answer. A few hours later, the phone rings and it's her telling me that she's over at her sister's dorm room. Again, she sounded pissed.

A large group of friends -- including
Jessie -- went out to eat Friday night. I was running late and drove by myself. Jessie rode with her sister, et. al. We ended up riding home together so we could talk. She vented. I tried to comfort her. It was okay for a while. We then spent a few hours with friends at Jessie's sisters dorm. Afterwards, Jessie and I had some more discussion... She spent the night at my place... and by Saturday morning, things were okay. I like happy endings, but getting to the happy ending part sometimes takes a bit of work.
Jessie and I went driving around town looking for furniture for a room in her apartment. She's needing a futon and a bookshelf. It's crazy to see how different stores will charge so many different prices for the same piece of furniture. And I just love to hear those famous salesperson lines:

"What can I do to earn your business?"

"If you'll buy it today, I'll see how much I can take off the price."

"I'll let you have it for (insert price here)."

Does anyone believe that stuff? Honestly? I want to meet the schmuck that goes into buy anything and believes the salesperson...

SHOPPER: I would like to buy this loveseat.
SALESMAN: I'll let you have it for $500.
SHOPPER: You'll let me have it for only $500? Gee, thanks.

What you really need to say to the guy is, "I'll let you sell it to me for (insert price)." You've gotta have fun with these people... And afterall, it they are jerks about it (and many are), they don't deserve you're money. They are in sales. They should have to earn your business and not act like they are entitled to it.

Our shopping adventures, it was time for the football game. I love "game days." Of course, it's because I get to work during the game taking pictures that makes things more enjoyable for me. Sitting in the stands is nice and all. But I like to be in the middle of things. And my job allows me to do that. The game was close throughout... And we were playing a team we should have easily beaten... But in the end, we won. And if there is one thing better than "game days," it's games days where we win.

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