Monday's High:

Simply put, today was a good day. It's nice to have those every once in a while... especially on a Monday.

Monday's Low:

I think I'm getting sick.

Listening To:

"When A Man Loves A Woman."
Percy Sledge.

Last Thing I Ate:

Ham Lunchable.

Thinking About:

(1) Taking (legal) drugs.
(2) How good or how bad Tuesday will be.
(3) If I should drop my broadcast regs class.

the eighteenth day of september, 2000... a monday.

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Quote Du Jour:
"Most of us are just about as happy as we make up our minds to be."
-William Adams.

I feel as though I should feel guilty. Monday of all days was a really good day. Really good. I've waited all day for it to go sour... but it hasn't. I wonder what Tuesday has in store for me.

Our gathering at Jonathan's apartment ended fairly early Sunday. I made it back to my dorm around midnight and crashed. This means I got plenty of sleep and woke up early for class. I showered, ran by my office to get a book and was in class with time to spare. On time AND awake for my 8 o'clock Monday class. This is an accomplishment. I can be on time... Or I can be awake... Rarely can I be both. Things got better when the professor's hubby came in to talk to the class (which is Music Appreciation) about the trumpet. I found this interesting because I played the trumpet "back in the day" and because he was a heck of a speaker. He was full of energy (even at 8 a.m.) and kept me interested. I don't know if I can speak for the rest of the class. Many of them seem like the type of people that can't enjoy music unless it's Coolio or Hank Williams. And I really don't think you should limit yourself like that.

My second class -- Aviation -- went quickly. We were done with the lecture after only 30 minutes. The professor asked us to find aviation articles and bring them to class for discussion. When there is extra time at the end of class, she will ask folks to read some. With 20 minutes to kill, I just knew she would pick on me (because I didn't have an article handy). But she didn't! My good day continued!

The rest of the day was okay. Not really good. But it definitely wasn't bad... and that's what counts. Alex has been feeling a bit under the weather lately (and I think I caught what she had) so I picked up a get well card for her. I also left her another quote (it had been about a week since my last one). It was yesterday's Lyric Du Jour. She laughed and said, "you're funny, aren't you." I laughed. I meant what I wrote... and I think she knows that. I just wonder what she thinks about that.

Tonight -- while picking up cough drops and other necessities -- I bought a package of glow-in-the-dark stars for my ceiling. Perhaps it's a tad queer for a heterosexual college guy to have stars on his ceiling... but I dig 'em. An entire galaxy had been left on the ceiling in one of my first dorm rooms and I thought it was cool. And it gives me something to look at while I drift into la-la-land.

Of course, they don't compare with the real thing. That's the one thing about growing up in a small town, there are places where you can go... and the only light you will see will be from the moon and stars. You can lay on your back and stare out into forever. In this world that we live in, everything is so rigidly defined at times... It's kinda cool to think that there is no end to space. It goes on forever. And forever is right above us to look at.

It's great to know pharmacy students. When my throat started itching this evening, I placed a call to Maria. She is a second year pharmacy student and made a few recommendations as to what over the counter drugs would make me better. I also know a medical student down the road from here. I would want these people to be my friends if they were clerks at Wal-Mart... they are that good of people... but it's nice to have medical experts in training around when a question arises. And, of course, if they ever need to know anything about newspapers or the fire department, I'll be happy to help. :-) I've gotta go now though, this bottle of red syrup is calling my name.... and so is my bed.

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