Tuesday's Highs:

Had an open-book quiz in Biology (an easy 10 points) and I got plenty of sleep last night. I also called up a friend I hadn't spoken to in a while.

Tuesday's Low:

I'm still a little under the weather, but that's not really a low because I'm starting to feel better.

Listening To:

CD: "Double Live"
Garth Brooks.

Last Thing I Drank:

Orange Juice.

Thinking About:

If Alex will call after her night class so we can go get some dinner together. And when I'm going to start studying for tomorrow's Criminal Justice test.

the nineteenth day of september, 2000... a tuesday.

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Lyric Du Jour:
"There's this love that is burning deep in my soul... Constantly yearning to get out of control... Wanting to fly higher and higher... I can't abide standing outside the fire." - Garth Brooks, "Standing Outside The Fire."

Today I found out that the people at my old newspaper don't like me much. At least that's what the editor told me. It seems that folks think I didn't finish my job. Well, I didn't. But I don't think it was all my fault. I sorta had to go back to school. You know, the thing that is a bazillion times more important that the newspaper where I was working.

When they brought me on to design this visitors guide for them, they wanted to wrap it up at the end of August. Well, hello... I had to go back to school in the middle of the month, so they moved it up to the middle of the month. That was still cutting it close and the paper isn't known for hitting everything by the deadline. On my last day of work (I worked until about 16 hours before my first class), I talked to the boss. I told him that I would leave everything in a nice, neat order for them to work on. If they needed me, they could call and I would work on the weekends or something. The publisher called my house and talked to my mom. She gave him my number down here. He never called. I was here the entire time and never got a call. I don't see it as my fault. Perhaps that's just my skewed thinking at work. But I don't think so.

I'm not finished with the stars yet... but so far, so good.
My own personal galaxy is starting to take shape.

There was a little excitement this morning in Smallville. My mother e-mailed me to tell me about it. It seems that the Smallville Fire Department had two fires at the same time about 4 a.m. They are good at what they do and it sounds like everything worked out okay for them. And fires happen all of the time. It doesn't bother me much that I'm not there to help. I mean, there will be others. But the dry weather that we've had in these parts has the world burning down... or so it seems. And I'm stuck here learning about history and music and biology and printing a student paper. I'm glad I'm here doing those things. I enjoy college. I love the friends I have here. But it's as if a piece of me is missing. And I've rarely -- if ever -- felt like this about anything before.

There are many folks down here that just don't understand my interest in the fire service. And although I sometimes try to explain it... I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if they understand because I understand. And there are so few things that I understand as much as the fact that I really like this firefighting thing. In my life, I'm often frustrated because there is so much I don't understand or can't figure out. And that makes how I feel about the fire stuff so wonderful.

Jonathan and I were sitting in the office this afternoon talking about people we met on a trip to Georgia this Spring. (As referenced in the June 19 entry). So, out of the blue, we called a girl from the school that hosted the conference we were attending. After the trip we had called on another occasionally and stayed in touch with e-mail. Over the summer, however, communication had pretty much died. She sounded pretty excited to hear from us... and we found out that she, Jonathan and I are all supposed to be at another conference together in Washington, D.C. later this semester. There is already a long list of reasons why I'm looking forward to the Washington trip... and today, I added another reason.


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