Thursday's High:

Dinner with Jonathan, Macy and Alex

Thursday's Low:

Missed my biology class.

Listening To:

Goo Goo Dolls.

Last Thing I Ate:

Spaghetti and meat balls at The Olive Garden.

Thinking About:

My nagging cough, going to bed and going home this weekend.

the twenty-first day of september, 2000... a thursday.

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Quote Du Jour:
"Figured anything else out about life? Seems that you've been a little preoccupied (with) your thoughts for the past couple of weeks. Any time something of significance happens in your life, you take time to contemplate your entire existence. That's not a bad thing; I'm only asking if you've gained any clarity." - Jessie in an e-mail Wednesday.

If there is one person that knows me... I mean really knows me... it's Jessie. She hit the nail on the head with the quote above. When something significant happens, I do stop to take stock in what's going on. Sometimes that is good. Sometimes that is bad. I never know which it's gonna be.

I could write a summary about Thursday, but I dropped Jessie a message this afternoon. I think it sums up how I felt for most of the day. I'll just copy and paste it here...

The paper... well, it was the paper. I was in a crummy mood. Macy is yet to do an A&E page without Jonathan's help. (I thought I was paying her to be A&E editor). Also, they always wait until Wednesday to do it. That page should be one of the first ones we complete... as in Monday or Tuesday. Also, Macy is usually the first one to bitch about being up here late... and she doesn't have to be. Actually, Jonathan bitched a bit at (our copy editor) AND me yesterday. I think he's spending too much time with Macy. What the deal was, he put the ad stacks on the pages because I hadn't. Did he have to? Only on the page he was gonna work on. But he went ahead and did all of them... and then sorta bitched at me because he "had" to. Not a good sign. But that Macy and Jonathan thing is something all by itself entirely...

So, you're wondering how today is going? Well, it's not much better. The sore throat (medicine) has done a wonderful job keeping me in good spirits. It fights fever well and has prevented too many sore throat problems. However, last night, I developed sinus pain and congestion like you wouldn't believe. I'm still hurting. I didn't want to get up for class, but I did. I was running late... and remembered that my backpack was in my truck, so I drove to class. I get to where I'm going, look down and... you guessed it! No backpack. I have zero guilt missing a class for a good reason... you know, like "cause I wanted to." But when it's stupid mistakes like that... it just pisses me off. I stink and I need a shower, but I think I'm gonna run to the store. I need q-tips, sinus drugs, washer fluid for my truck, maybe a lunchable and some other stuff that I won't be able to remember until AFTER i finish shopping.

The weather feels pretty good here and it is supposed to be cooler as the weekend progresses. How about there? If so, I'd love to work in the woods. I think I feel better when I'm outside anyway. Speaking of weather for a bit, after we were done, Jonathan and I sat out in the parking lot for an hour or so bullshitting and listening to one of the twin city fire departments tackle a working garage/house fire. Okay, so I was the only one really listening. :-) Anyway, the rain that we got had moved on. (The heaviest of the rains came before sunset and made every sticky). But this morning, there was this very cool lightening that just lit up the few clouds that were there... It was neat because the light shot across the sky. No bolt. Just powerful light. Very cool indeed.

Each Thursday night, we have a newspaper staff meeting. After tonight's meeting, Jonathan, Macy, Alex and I went out to eat. Alex's good spirits have continued this week even though she has been sick for most of it. (I think she gave me whatever she had... just by me being around her). Tonight, the hugs kept were plentiful and she even reached out to hold my hand a few times. I feel like I'm in junior high again. heh, heh.

The fact remains that I don't know what's going on in Alex's head. I would like to know, but I've been accused of being pushy at times. This is one time that I don't want to be. I want to let her decided what's going on... if anything.


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