Wednesday's High:

It's about two in the afternoon. No real high yet. Hopefully one will come along.

Wednesday's Low:

It's Wednesday. A long night is probably ahead of me. Wednesday's are always a low.

Listening To:

"You Are So Beautiful."
Joe Cocker.

Last Thing I Ate:

Sausage & biscuit.

Thinking About:

(1) Long nights.
(2) Meaningless sex.
(3) Skipping class.
(4) The paper.

the 27th day of september, 2000... a wednesday.

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Quote Du Jour:
"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection, and not a fountain, to show them that we love them, not when we feel like it, but when they do."
- Nan Fairbrother, English author

What makes you attracted to someone? Why are you willing to do things with them... physical things like going to dinner or watching a movie... emotional things likes deep conversations... and sexual things like... like, well, you get the picture. It's beyond comprehension why one person is drawn to another. And it's even more amazing when two people are drawn to each other.

I always want to make sense of everything. And I've found the one thing that I can't make sense of... the heart. And on one hand, it fills me with such joy to know that such intense emotion and passion are possible on a level that we can not comprehend. And on the other hand, it frustrates the hell out of me because I want to figure out what the driving force is behind such feelings.

And if there is one thing that's more confusing than figuring out love in a general sense... it's trying to understand it on a personal level. Who do I love? Why do I love them? How do I love them? Who is right for me? Have I met her yet? When will I meet her?

And there are people that I'm involved with... and I can't help but wonder if I'm involved with them for the right reasons. Yeah, I know that only I can figure out the answer to this. But I'm clueless. I don't know what my reasons are. I don't know which reasons would be right and which ones would be wrong.


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