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Hanging out with my little cousin all afternoon.


Little Brother was involved in an accident in the early morning hours... but all survived unscathed so there's even a happy ending to my valley.


"Coach" on TV.


Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.


I've gotta establish a regular sleep pattern before summer school starts in July.


June 17: Life is good. Isn't it?

Sunday, june 17th

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Quote Du Jour:
"Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life." (Burton Hills)

I've had a blast this weekend... but especially today.

My two cousins have been hanging out at my house all weekend. They're both girls. The eldest is six and the youngest is three. And although I may be partial, they are the cutest things on the face of the planet.

Today, my older cousin and I spent much of the afternoon together and left her little sister at home to be tended to by my mother. We toured a couple of fire stations and climbed all over the fire trucks. We went to get a snow cone and then hung out at Jessie's apartment for a while. I think my cousin liked that simply because she was "hanging out with the big kids" for a while. Then, the three of us went to a park to slide, swing, see-saw, climb on the jungle gym and do plenty of other stuff. Once we were back home, I read a book to my cousin and she read a couple to me. We played basketball in the back yard and Go Fish in the floor of the living room. I've enjoyed almost every visit my cousins have made to my house... but I think I'm enjoying this one the most.

I know that I seem to feel closer to both of them and that those feelings are reciprocated. The younger one is finally grown out of most of her shyness and will talk with me. No longer am I left to guess what's going on in her head... most of the time she tells me. And the older one is showing more and more interest in doing things with me. She's evolving from a sometimes fussy toddler to a little friend. I really like that.

Yes, this has been a good weekend. Today has been a good day. This makes the second really good day in less than a week. It sort of makes you wonder what I've done to deserve it all. Just lucky I guess. I better soak it up and savor it all before it runs out.

As I mentioned in Thursday's entry, a call from Amy out of the blue was a welcome surprise. However, that call contained more surprise than I expected.

To offer up some background information for you, Amy and Jonathan were involved in some sort of relationship for several months towards the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001. A couple of months ago, she shocked Jonathan with the news that she had decided to get reinvolved with her former fiancé. Jonathan didn't see that development coming (no one did) and I think it shook him up quite a bit.

In our phone conversation Wednesday, Amy told me that she is marrying her fiancé. In fact, they were supposed to be officially married Friday (as in a couple of days ago). This caught me off guard. Amy has always seemed to be a very independent person. If, two or three months ago, someone had asked me to list the next five big things Amy would do in her life, marriage wouldn't even come close to making the list. Of course, I consider her a friend and I'm happy that she's tying the knot with someone she says she loves. The marriage in and of itself isn't the problem.

Amy told me she was going to call Jonathan. They hadn't talked since the breakup and I thought a conversation between them was long overdue. She said that she was going to tell him about her marriage. She did call him, but I don't think the marriage subject came up -- and this is where my problem lies.

Jonathan knows she called me. But he's trying to figure out which one of us was called first. Several times, he's asked me what time she called me. Every time, I've told him that I don't know because, in all honesty, I don't know what the exact time was. I just know I was first... and have no idea why the order of the calls is so important to him. Also, I feel like I'm in a tight spot because I know about her marriage to Fiancé Dude. My loyalty to Jonathan is fairly deep. Shouldn't I tell him what I know? And if keep quiet much longer, won't he view that as me holding out on him? On the other hand, I don't want to cross Amy. I don't want to go telling secrets she might not be ready to reveal.

This all would be a bit easier to handle if our friend Macy hadn't gotten married this weekend, too. Macy is Jonathan's best friend and I do believe he's always been in love with her. I'm afraid telling him about Amy would be like kicking him while he's down... and that would be classified as something I would like to avoid if possible.

What to do? What to do?

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