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Is it a trend?
I can only hope so.


Hrm. The Best Friend did some furniture rearranging yesterday and invited me over to see. I still haven't made it.


Richard Marx:
"Right Here Waiting"


Ice cold Coca-Cola.


What productive thing can I do tomorrow?


June 27: Miffed at my little brother

wednesday, june 27th

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Quote Du Jour:
"Work is the true elixir of life. The busiest man is the happiest man." (Sir Theodore Martin)

I don't think I've been to a fire or accident in more than a week. Now, don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining. It's just that I've been dependent on my fire department activities to provide excitement to my otherwise boring summer. However, I've done my best to make my life as interesting as possible on my own. Of course, I guess that all depends on your definition of interesting.

Friday, I went to my second wedding of the summer. It was for a cousin of Jessie -- a cousin that falls somewhere between friend and acquaintance to me. However, Jessie was the maid of honor and my presence at the ceremony was as much for her as it was for the bride and groom.

During the reception, Jessie approached the bride's brother and I about decorating the new couple's truck. We had all of the necessary tools -- shaving cream (non-menthol), shoe polish, toilet paper, duct tape, aluminium cans and saran wrap.

While guests were drinking punch and eating wedding cake, we were out in the parking lot doing the evil deed. We covered the windows with the traditional "just hitched" (sorry, I wasn't feeling witty). We strung toilet paper on anything we could. We tied the cans on. For added measure, we wrapped the entire truck in saran wrap (safety sealed to guarantee freshness). When all was said and done, we were quite happy with ourselves. Happy, that is, until the couple walked out of the building.

"Uh... he doesn't look happy."

The groom is a hard emotional read to say the least. Happy or sad, his face usually has the same expression. However, when he walked out of the fellowship hall building, you could see beyond the blank expression into a man that was pissed off. He didn't open the door for his bride. He sort of sulked to the driver's side and ripped the saran wrap off in a violent fashion, got in and slammed the door. Whoops.

Maybe decorating the truck wasn't a good idea. However, the practice seems almost customary and I've never heard of anyone flipping out about it. (This could be a new Fox special: "When Grooms Go Mad.") Some people had second thoughts about decorating his ride... Personally, I think its just a sign that the groom needs to loosen up a bit. Maybe married life will do that for him.

The day after the wedding (which would be Saturday for those scoring at home), Jessie and I made our annual pilgrimage to Memphis and the Missouri boot heel. We buy fireworks for our Fourth of July extravaganza damn cheap in Missouri... But because The Show Me State is six hours from home, we stop in Memphis and make a mini-vacation out of it. This year, the experience lasted almost 36 hours exactly and covered about 750 miles. We had a good time and the story of our journey is probably worth telling here, but deserves an entry of its own... Maybe tomorrow. (I really do mean tomorrow and not this waiting eight days between entries stuff that I've been doing.)

Yesterday and today, my life has taken a turn toward the productive side. In the weeks before summer vacation, I was all about cleaning up my yard and doing work around the house. I kept saying that when summer finally arrived and I had free time out the wazoo, I'd be working like crazy. Um. Uh. That didn't happen. For the most part, I've done a lot of sitting on my ass.

Monday afternoon, I was planted in front of the computer when I decided that I was tired of sitting on my ass. I put some work clothes on and went outside. The back corner of the lot my house sits on had gotten out of control. We had nasty vines growing on our fence and tress. We had overgrowth of nuisance plants and shrubs. I got my chain saw out and a pair of garden clippers out and started working. An hour or so later, the area didn't look the same. Of course, it doesn't look like I want it... but it took a big step in the right direction.

Today, I would have gone back into the yard to work but was busy being productive somewhere else. Jessie's grandfather has several fields that he cuts and bales hay on every summer. Last year, my little brother helped him load hay. I was usually busy with work at the paper or the fire department and didn't help out. Some folks thought that I was shying away from manual labor. Offended by such an insinuation, its been my goal to help Little Brother with the hay this year and prove that I am capable of hard work. Today, it rained and prevented the first load of hay from being baled, but we spent the afternoon cleaning out last year's hay from a barn instead. It was cool and breezy and Little Brother said I had it easy. I think there is a pool going on about how soon I'll be laid out in the middle of a hay field dead of heat stroke. Watch this site for further updates.

By the way, I've gone back and done some work on the archives. Instead of 12 calendars, I've provided lists of all entries with titles for every entry (except the first four months of the journal). While you will no longer be able to chart my odd writing patterns, this should make going back and reading entries from the past a bit easier.

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