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Class was cancelled and you can't go wrong with that, can you?


I felt like crap late this afternoon. I'm talking about USDA Grade A, pure bred crap. Luckily, I felt better soon.


Body Talk:
Forever Love




"I don't know much...
but I know I love you...
and that may be all I need to know."

If only I could think of something else.


July 13: Comparing relationships.

friday, july 13th

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Quote Du Jour:
"I don't much, but I know I love you. And that may be all I need to know." ("Don't Know Much," Aaron Neville with Linda Ronstadt)

Hey kids, it's time for some advice from ol' Dr. Rosenpenis.*

If you spend the entire month of June sitting on your ass in front of a computer and then shift gears into "productivity mode" for the month of July... You must remain productive. Slamming the breaks and slipping back into "lazy ass mode" is not a good idea -- even if for only a day.

When my mother left Saturday for a little vacation of sorts, I started being semi-busy. I kept the house in (almost) tip-top shape. I tried to be responsible for things I normally don't worry about. Monday, I kicked it up a notch with the first day of school. I've been awake by 8 a.m. every morning this week and that's the first time that's happened in months. Also, I've been eating on a somewhat regular schedule with real meals, too. I'm talking chicken and spaghetti and steaks.

Today, however, I slept until 1:30 (after getting up early in the morning for an accident). I ate a few saltines for lunch. I sat on my ass. I didn't have to go to class because it was cancelled today. I scored a big 0% on the productivity scale. By late afternoon, my stomach was turning flips and my head was pounding. I'm telling you... it hurt to think. I took a long shower thinking that might help (a shower always helps) and crawled into bed about 6 p.m. for a nap. After three Tylenol and two hours of sleep, I felt much better.

I didn't become productive during the rest of the night, but I did manage to have a good time. Jessie came over and brought pizza. We sat around the dining room table and talked a while... and then included my mother in the conversation... and then pulled out a few board games to play. The fun was innocent, but it was fun nevertheless and it didn't cause my head to hurt. You gotta support that.

* Don't know who Dr. Rosenpenis is? You need to watch Fletch.

In addition to the pizza, Jessie also brought over a pair of CDs that I had ordered and had sent to her place. It's one of those Time-Life deals that I always say "I've got to have this" but usually pass up. Well, I just wasn't in the passing up mood with I saw the commercial for "Body Talk: The Language of Love."

Fortunately, the first CD in the set is my favorite. I say fortunately because I'm executing Time-Life's option to "cancel at any time" right now. Now that I have added songs like Etta James' "At Last," Extreme's "More Than Words," and Jim Brickman's "The Gift" (and many, many more) to my music collection, I'm happy for a while. No need to buy any more CDs. Okay, so there may be a need... but there's not a lot of cash lying around to do so.

So far, there has only been one problem with my recently acquired two CD set. I can't get Aaron Neville out of my head! "Don't Know Much" (his duet with Linda Ronstadt) is in the collection and I just can't stop singing it. This began to bug my family hours ago. Its starting to get to me now. Besides, I can't let this carry over into tomorrow. People might talk if I go walking around singing songs from a CD marketed as "wedding music."

It's getting late here. More sleep for me is imminent. Sometimes I wonder how often I'll look back on my life when I'm older and say (in my best denture-wearing geezer voice), "dab-nab-it, I slept away my whole life. I could have accomplished so much more if I hadn't slept so damn much." Of course, by then, I hope I will have learned to spell dab-nab-it. Is it with the hyphens? Or is it dabnabit? Or dab nabit? Or maybe three different words altogether (dab nab it)? Anyway...

I'm going to sleep tonight in my own bed for only the second night in about a week. The first couple of nights my mother was gone, Jessie came over and we crashed together on the sofa bed in our den (it's the only double bed in our house). Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I went over to her house to sleep.

I don't keep logs on such behavior, but considering the days and nights we spent together, this last week may have set the record for the most time we've spent together. Luckily, neither of us has killed the other yet. However, I do know that it was a great relief to finally have enough "Fletch Time" yesterday to write an entry. Like everything else in life, you don't realize how important a little alone time can be until you don't have any for a while.

One more thing: Check out my LiveJournal. I'm not exactly sure what I have planned for it. I'm afraid posting there too often could take away from my entries here... It would sort of be like draining the thought tank before it had a chance to fill if you know what I mean. However, I hope that it'll be more than handy when I'm busy for a while and unable to write "real" entries (like this past week). Got a suggestion? I'd love to hear it.

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