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After tonight, I'll have yet another firefighting class behind me. I'll be certified to know how far to run at a hazardous materials incident.


The time I'll be spending at the class could be used to work on TWO projects I have due this week for my "real" classes.


More Than Words.


PB&J sandwich.


I need to upload this and work on my projects. I procrastinate too much.


July 24: Crazy ass coworkers.

tuesday, july 24th

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Quote Du Jour:
"Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough." - (George Bernard Shaw)

It happened... again.

For the better part of a year, I was accident free on the fireground. Now, in a span of four days, I've had two slight mishaps. I'm just hoping that there isn't a third waiting for me around the corner.

Sunday afternoon, we had an arson fire in an old trailer at a mobile home dealers. The fire was in its early stage and was quickly knocked down with a stream a water through the window. Two of us entered the trailer to check for fire extension and to put water on any hot spots.

I believe the trailer had been repossessed and was being remodeled. The floor coverings had been pulled up exposing a subfloor mixture of plywood and particle board. As I stepped up into the trailer, my foot found a weak piece of particle board and slipped through. I pulled my foot out, told my partner to watch out and we continued into the room where the fire had been.

After finding the weak spot at the door, I was careful to walk only on the floor joists. This method worked as we walked through what used to be the living room and into the bedroom. However, once I started moving around a bit in the bedroom pulling down ceiling insulation to check for fire, I must have shifted my feet off of the joists I'd been standing on. The next thing I knew, gravity had taken hold of me and I dropped straight down through the floor.

I slipped through as far as my waist but was able to pull myself up without assistance. What was worse than falling through a floor was the ribbing that I had to take once we got back outside. I've been told that my new last name is Prone. My first name, of course, is Accident. Let's hope that isn't the case.

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