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I didn't have to make my presentations today.


Even if I was supposed to, they wouldn't have been presented because they aren't ready.


A Fruit of the Loom commercial where women stand in front of the mirror and practice saying that they are pregnant.


Nothing in hours...
I need some dinner.


1. Find food.
2. Work on projects.
3. Stop being slacker.


July 25: New journal design and demonic coworkers.

wednesday, july 25th

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Quote Du Jour:
"There is no more difficult art to acquire than the art of observation, and for some men it is quite as difficult to record an observation in brief and plain language." - (William Osler)

Have you noticed that the word "buzzword" is a buzzword, too?

Why do people who make poor clothing decisions complain about room temperature? In the winter, I always run across one or two folks wearing heavy coats that say they are too hot. In my summer class, there is a lady that wears next to nothing every single day. And, as you guessed, complains that the room is too cold every single day.

Of course, the lady with little clothing is worthy of further commentary. The lady is probably younger than she looks, but I'll estimate mid-40s anyway. She's skinny as hell but not in any sort of shape. She wear sleeveless shirts and extremely short shorts every day. The shorts are so short that when she sits down in a chair, little or no cloth actually touches the seat -- its all ass. What's up with that? She's got kids. Maybe its just me, but I think you should set a better example for you kids than walking around with your ass hanging out.

I've not said much about the professor I have for both summer classes. There is good reason for this as I've had trouble putting together a good description of him. He is probably in his 50s with a middle-age gut. His career as a professor came later in the life and after he'd done a few other jobs along the way. He did spent a few years in law enforcement but there are students in the class that have more experience than he does. I find that fact interesting because the professor continues to come across an expert.

The guy's biggest problem is that he loves to interrupt other people. He doesn't wait for a pause in their speech or the end of the sentence. He jumps in where he wants and talks louder and louder until the person he interrupted finally shuts up. I don't understand this.

Also, he's come across a few times in a bragging manner about the fact that he has killed a few folks. He says he saw combat action in Vietnam but also shot and killed two intruders into his home. I'm sure those experiences make for great stories that I would be interested in hearing about. However, I still have some uneasiness with the way he talks about them in class.

I think Jeremy is trying to get rid of me. As soon as I leave the picture, he will be without any friends his own age... but I guess if that's the way he wants it... that's how it will have to be.

He never answers the phone anymore. He returns e-mails once every blue moon. He says he'll stop by the house but never does. Today, he e-mailed me to tell me that he'd had a lot of stuff going on lately that he just didn't want to talk about. Of course, why mention it if you don't want to talk about it?

Sometimes, I think he wants to be needed by me. He strings me along to feel as though he is in demand. To get out of doing thigns, he always claims to be too busy. But this is Smallville, U.S.A. we're talking about here. No one is ever too busy for long. We pride ourself, it seems, on a slower pace of life.

I'm concerned about his emotional/mental health. That's why I stick around when my good sense tells me not to. He behavior isn't normal (click on the bio link above for more information). I worry about how or if he'll ever grow up.

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