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I finally had both class presentations ready to present... and did fairly well on them.


The presentations weren't hard. I just made them hard for me. I do in a lot of aspects of my life. I've really gotta stop that.


Alan Jackson:
Midnight in Montgomery.




It's 11:21... that's not to late to start my evening. But, oh, what to do?


July 27: Lives changed forever... and unproductivity.

friday, july 27th

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Quote Du Jour:
"One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can lay a hand on our dreams." - (E. V. Lucas)

I had little more than three hours to sleep between the time I finished working on my Industrial Security presentation and the time I had to get dressed for class. Under normal circumstance, I would have stayed awake for fear I would sleep through my alarms. However, I was at Jessie's place and I usually have fewer problems waking up on time there... so I decided to crash.

For the most part, my dream was set in what I believe to be an apartment complex. I bumped into a girl that seemed very familiar to me in the complex's lobby or laundry room. We talked briefly, leaned toward each other and kissed. I received an invitation to her place... and the next thing I knew, the dream was taking place in her bed. Before we made out, I asked for her name. Again, it seems I was only familiar with her... I didn't know her well.

Things were following a natural course of action when suddenly, I thought things were going too fast. Almost instantly, I was next door in another apartment that belonged to either me or Jessie. And, yes, Jessie was there. I remember how odd it felt to be talking to her, searching for condoms and trying to make an excuse for leaving at the same time.

When I finally escaped, I headed to Mystery Chick's apartment. I knocked several times without anyone answering teh door. Finally, the door opened but it wasn't her... it was some other girl... and she seemed just a little pissed that I'd been knocking on her door. I apoligized several times before leaving the area and arriving at the right apartment.

Back at Mystery Chick's apartment, I was ready for good times. She, on the other hand, seemed to have second thoughts. After this, the details of my dream get sketchy.

I remember being in what I believe was my apartment with Jessie and me putting a handful of condoms in my pocket. I remarked about how it felt like everyone wanted to sleep with me.

I remember being in my apartment and it feeling more like a hotel room instead. I picked up the phone to call my house, but instead, dialed Jeremy's house. His aunt answered the phone and I asked for him. She said he was there, but couldn't come to the phone. She suggested that he hand't been doing well emotionally as of late. I tried to bullshit my way along to get more information. Almost instantaneously, a woman that I recognized as Jeremy's aunt walked into the room. We talked for a bit about Jeremy's problems. It seems that in my dream, his dad had been out of town and Jeremy didn't get to go to the airport to pick him up. It seems he was depressed about this.

I also remember going between two apartments trying to juggle two booty calls at once. I woke up before I discovered if that worked out well for me.

I have a few ideas as to why a few of the elements appeared in my dream, but overall, it's puzzling. Anyone have some analysis they'd like to share?

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