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July 30: I can't support this Big Brother stuff.

monday, july 30th

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Note from Fletch:
The entry was interrupted by a power outage in my neighborhood. Because I didn't figure it would be ethical to make stuff up, the blue bar to your left is incomplete.

I called Jonathan's cell phone a little while ago (it's about midnight). His voice mail answered and I left what probably sounded like a goofy, studdering message... simply because my brain went blank at the sound of the tone.

Jonathan is sort of in a post-graduation and pre-job limbo at the moment. I knew he was moving back home (two hours away from Oakdale) to live with parents for a little while... but didn't know his exact moving date. I called his apartment and talked to his roommate. Jonathan moved out today. His roommate is moving out later this week to go to graduate school. Although it shouldn't be, the thought of their place empty is sad for me. I spent a big chunk of my life in their apartment. I drank a lot of beer and vodka in that place. I had some good times and some shitty times. It was the scene of a little drama with Lindsay. And it was where I wished on a star and Alex leaned over and kissed me.

I didn't properly soak up my senior year of high school. I had my sights set on college and didn't take the time to savor the moment. I'm sort of worried that my senior year of college will be lackluster, too. The good news is that I knew many of my friends would be gone or in different situations. I did my best to have a good time this last semester and to create some quality memories... But I really don't want to go through my final year in college without the close friends I've made in the last three years.

On the flip side, I am up for meeting new people and I'm doing that now, actually. I sent a random IM to a girl from Oakdale the other day and we've chatted quite a bit since then. I simply don't do a lot of chatting, so when I do click with someone and make some sort of connection, I take it as a good sign. In fact, I think we're going to meet this weekend when I drive down to Oakdale to take care of some stuff.

If we do get together, it will be only the second time I've met an online acquaintance in real life. The first was Julie, who I met online and in real life in fall 1998. That relationship has survived for the most part in the electronic realm, but has poked its head into real life enough for us to get physical a couple of times (see kissing entry, March 2). I'm not quite sure what sort of precedent that sets.

Entry and train of thought interrupted by lack o' electricity...

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