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I'm still having fun with a borrowed digital camera. Perhaps I'll upload some pics before I have to give it back.


Missed class... and that could carry with it some nasty reprocussions.


Danny's Song.
(Loggins / Messina)


Burger / Fries.


Four more days of school... Still plenty of time left for me to screw up.


August 1: Out of state fees suck ass.

wednesday, august 1st

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Quote Du Jour:
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - (Albert Einstein)

As far as fire deaths go, my community has been very lucky. I think we're averaging one about every 15 years or so -- a pretty good ratio. Because of that, my fire department may search a house for fire victims, but we really don't expect to find anyone. Saturday night was a little different.

We were dispatched to a house fire and when I arrived, the sister and several family members of one of the occupants of the home was in the front yard. The sister was adament that her brother was inside. We're not talking about posibilities here... She felt sure that he was inside and even tried to enter the house a couple of times to find him on her own.

While another crew handled the fire suppression duties in one end of the house, my partner and I were assigned the tast of searching for the missing man in the bedrooms of the home. I guess with every fire I've been to, the possibility of finding a victim was there... but this was the first time I'd ever been sent in to specifically find someone. It was an odd feeling.

During our first search, we weren't sure if we were searching for an adult or child, which affects how we search. Adults are usually found in the most likely path of exit from the home. Children, on the other hand, try to hide from the fire and can be found in closets and under beds. On the first search, I was somewhat apprehensive about looking under beds and in closets. In one room, I saw a life-like baby doll lying on the floor that caused me to take a second look.

We made a secondary search after confirming that we were, indeed, looking for a grown man. Luckily, we found nothing in our searches and the man we'd been looking for drove up a little while later. His arrival was cause for a slight sigh of relief as there would be no body recovery that night.

The missing man's arrival was a little odd, though.

When the man and a friend arrived on the scene, they parked next to two firetrucks. A couple of hoselines were stretched into one of the home's doors. Firefighters were in and out of the house. And although the fire was under control, smoke was still drifting out of doors and windows. Can you guess what the first thing these two guys asked?

"Where's the fire?"

Sometimes, its hard to maintain faith in the human species in times like those. I mean, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the fire was... it was quite obvious. Ugh.

Last week, my summer school professor said that if anyone missed any additional days of classes, their final grade would drop one letter grade.

Today... I missed class.

He also said he didn't want folks coming in late. He said that if the doors to the classroom were closed, that meant that no one else was to walk into the room. I was extremely sleepy this morning and when I finally made it to class, it was between 8:05 and 8:10 and, yes, the doors to class were closed. I turned around and went back to the house and caught some more sleep. Now I wonder how much those extra hours of sleep will cost me.

I have a solid B in Criminal Law and probably have a decent A in Industrial Security. I think that shows that I grasp the material presented. I think it shows that even with a less than stellar attendance record, I'm doing okay. I would hate to end up with a C and a B just because I didn't come to class every day. Besides, my overall GPA could use the help that an A and a B would provide.

I'm not sure what my next course of action will be. I'll probably wait it out and see if the professor is true to his word. If I don't trust my letter grade, I might be willing to cause a fuss. Afterall, I'm only a visiting student here. I will no longer be a student here after next Tuesday. Burning bridges here doesn't carry the ramifications it might at Oakdale.

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