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18 August 2001
No entry.

18 August 2000
Letter to Alex.


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Quote du jour:
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." (Mignon McLaughlin)

The majority of professional firefighters in this country enjoy set work schedules of so many hours of work combined with so many hours off. I'm not that lucky yet. I'm what you called a relief guy. I fill in the gaps created by vacations, sick days and time off. When I'm not filling in, I'm an extra firefighter on the shift. The result of this assignment is a schedule that's anything but consistent.

Last week, I had the fortune of a three-day weekend on my schedule which I used to travel four hours south to
Oakdale. Outside of a overnight trip a week after school ended, I hadn't so much as stepped foot into the state since graduation. Although the trip started on a slightly funky note, it quickly improved and I was glad to be back.

The first order of business for the trip was a haircut at the barber shop I used to frequent. However, I arrived exactly 10 minutes after they closed. Slightly dismayed, I started calling around to friends to see what was going on. I tried several and was unable to reach them all. It was as if they'd circulated a memo announcing my return and all decided to boycott the visit. Okay, I didn't *really* think that... But it made for a good rant when I did finally reach them.

After three calls and reaching three machines, I called
Zoë. She wasn't home yet but was headed that way and told me to meet her there. I did and found Amanda and Maria (Zoë's roomie) also hanging out. The four of us spent some time catching up on the events of the summer. As the afternoon turned into early evening, more folks dropped by the apartment... including Zoë's fiancé, Patrick. The assembled parties broke up for a dinner break of sorts and Zoe, Patrick and I went out to eat together.

I don't know that I've ever mentioned Patrick here... And that's really surprising. I can't remember the first time I met him, but I know that I liked him shortly thereafter. He's what I call "good people"... smart, friendly, dependable and a host of other really nice adjectives. You know... just like me. Heh.

Zoë and Patrick fit well together and will make a great couple. While I'm in no rush to marry, I do envy what they have and hope that I can get a little of it myself on down the road. Dinner was enjoyable and entertaining -- as is most every visit I have with them.

On the way back to her apartment, we began talking about their wedding plans. About mid-way through the conversation, traffic slowed for an accident up ahead. Patrick turned to
Zoë and said, "should we ask him now?"

I consider myself somewhat intelligent, but I'll admit to being clueless at that moment. I'd pretty much eliminated the idea of them asking me to join in a threesome, but every other possibility was still open... And then they asked me to be an attendant in the wedding.


I was honored... And a little thrown off... But, of course, I said yes.

Zoë's told me in the past that I was her best guy friend. And certainly, I knew that Patrick and I got along well. But I really didn't see this coming. I didn't see myself as in that inner circle of people that would be involved like this. I'm totally thrilled that I was wrong.

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