I went to the dentist... and I might be doing some work soon to improve my smile.

My four day weekend is over. Tomorrow, I return to work.

Charlie Robison:

Kroger pudding snack.

I've got a fourth date tonight with a new friend-type person.

27 Jan. 2002
No entry.

27 Jan. 2001
Teasing & Lying.


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Quote du jour:
"What we imagine is order is merely the prevailing form of chaos."
-- Kerry Thornley

Last Saturday, I shocked myself when I reached for the door handle of my truck after pumping gas. This event served as a reminder that the warnings of static electricity sparking fires at gas pumps are legit. It was also day one of what has turned into more than a week of electricity.

In each of the 10 days since, I've shocked myself and others at least a half-dozen times a day. I 've shocked myself on door knobs, key chains, the outside of vehicles, light switches and electrical plugs. I've zapped myself wearing tennis shoes, work boots and casual shoes, so that doesn't seem to make a difference. I've shocked myself on more than one type of vehicle and I've felt the charge when touching more than one person.

I don't know what's caused it. I don't know why it's stuck around. All I know is that for more than a week, I've been electrified. Most of the zaps have been small and harmless. However, there have been a few notable exceptions.

Early last week, I reached down to unplug my cell phone charger from a surge strip and felt a current race up my arm. I yelled out a few choice profanities, my pinkie finger curled up from the surge of juice and the hair on my arm stood up.

Later in the week, I didn't even have to touch anything to get a jolt. I walked past a metal chair in my dining room and saw the blue arc between my arm and the chair.

Friday night, I reached up to turn on a light and saw what is becoming a familiar blue glow as my hand touched the switch. As was the case with the plug incident, part of my hand curled up with the charge and arm had a bit of a tingle to it.

My mother thinks that I should go get checked out. Of course, the question is... Who do I go see? A doctor or an electrician?

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