I woke up at Christy's place this morning.

I had to roll out of bed and go to work... But that's no real valley, you know. 'Cause I'm happy to have a great job and all.

B.B. King with Eric Clapton: "Three o'Clock Blues"

Papa John's.

I've got a lot of stuff happening in my life... And most of it is good, I think.

28 Jan. 2002
No entry.

28 Jan. 2001
No entry.


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Quote du jour:
"Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for." -- Joseph Addison

We were huddled around a table sipping 75¢ long necks at our usual Friday night spot when two girls walked up behind me. The guys I work and myself frequent the place because the beer is cold and cheap... And the scenery, well, it rarely disappoints.

Yeah... I know how bad that sounds.

Jay, another first-year employee at Lakeland, introduced the visitors to our table as friends of his. It was pretty evident that he took a particular interest in one of the girls, so I turned my attention to the other.

The conversation between us was, at first, quite casual & friendly. You know, it was the type of conversation two people have when they have to occupy the same space for a while. It didn't take long, however, to realize that these girls were going to remain part of our group for the rest of the night. Seeing that, I decided to get to know my new friend a little bit better. The result was a lengthy drunk conversation that yielded a name, a phone number, bits of each other's life history with a promise to meet up later in the week.

Although I felt as though a connection had been made, I almost expected it to be like bar meetings of the past -- a little conversation, a little kissing and little else. So, imagine my surprise when Jay called the next day to say that the two girls had invited us over to their pad. I had to turn down the invite because of other obligations, but a double date of sorts was set up for a week later. Angie with Jay. Christy with myself.

January 17, I met up with Christy & Angie for a drink at a tavern they frequent. We then joined up with Jay at a local comedy club.

The occasional excitement of my current occupation not withstanding, I've obviously led a very sheltered life. For, you see, I'd never been to a comedy club until that night. Wow. I've been missing out.

The comedians were hilarious and the company... Well, the company was solid. When Christy & I met for the first time, we'd both had a few drinks. We drank a few more while we got to know each other. So, as we prepared to meet again -- while sober -- I think we both had a bit of uncertainty. The experience at the comedy club and throughout the rest of our first date put those feelings aside.

After leaving the comedy club, Jay & Angie pushed us to head back to the nightclub where we'd been the Friday before. It didn't take long -- or much of the techno music they began to play at 2 a.m. -- to drive Christy & I out to the car to talk. The conversation we had was worth much more than anything we could have accomplished inside.

About 3:30, it finally became time to head home. Jay & I dropped our off our company at their car only to find both of their doors frozen shut in the 17
° weather. They climbed back into the truck and we headed to my apartment to crash. Jay & Angie scored a frozen pizza for drunk munchies. After we all ate, the two of them curled up on the sofa and Christy & I crawled into bed.

Don't worry. Nothing happened.

The next morning, Jay drove them back to their thawed-out car and what had become my longest first date ever came to an end.

Evidentally, both Christy & I deemed the first date a success and quickly decided to get together the following Monday. The original plan had been for a stereotypical "dinner & movie" date. We took care of the dinner part at the Olive Garden, but changed things up before showtime.

Dinner was filled with some interesting conversation... And I think it was obvious that we were both anxious to get to know each other better. When it came time to head to the theater, Christy summed things up nicely. She questioned aloud why two people who wanted to get to know each other better were going to pay good money to sit in a big room with other people and not talk. How can you argue with that logic?

We ended up renting a movie, but didn't watch it. Instead, we came back to my place, laid down on the bed and talked... and kissed... and talked... and kissed some more for four or five hours. That probably doesn't seem like much of a date, but at the same time, I think it was everything I wanted... And exactly what we needed.

She ended up crashing at my place again.
What can I say? We're fans of the slumber party.

I was in charge of coming up with the plan for date 3 last Friday. If you knew me in real life, you'd probably have an appreciation for how terrible of a decision that was. Under the stress of deadline pressure, I'm not too bad at making decisions. At any other time, however, I'm more of a veto kind of guy. You know... you decide something and I'll veto it if I don't like it. Heh.

I pretended to not have a plan and half-expected Christy to suggest something perfect and wonderful. Of course, she wasn't going to let me off the hook so easily and, as it turns out, my plan wasn't all that bad. Earlier in the day, I'd stopped by a large evil corporate bookstore chain to buy The Book of Questions.

After dinner, we had a couple of cocktails and quizzed each other with some of the book's 217 questions. The book is full of stuff like question #42: "How would you react if you were to learn that your mate had had a lover of the same sex before you knew each other?"* The book sparked some interesting conversation and allowed us to reveal a little bit more of ourselves to each other.

And, it what is now tradition, she slept over.

We're establishing trends here, people. Based on current statistics, there is a 100% chance of someone spending the night, a 75% chance that we'll eat and a 50% chance that we'll consume alcohol. Soak up those stats, why don't ya.

* My answer to #42: "I'd ask to see the video, of course."

Last night marked the first time I've had four dates with a person in damn near three years. The great thing about last night is that odds seem pretty favorable for a fifth.

A change of venue was in order for our fourth date, so I drove to her place 30 minutes down the interstate. We didn't do too much... Just a little dinner and some time spent hanging out with Angie, which happens to be her roommate. I think that's a good sign, though. You know... not having to go do "something" to have fun with someone.

Christy is about five feet, six inches. She got's short hair... The kind that doesn't reach the shoulders and sort of flips out at the bottom. When I met her, her hair was dark. Now, it's dark with highlights. She's cute either way. She's got a braces smile without ever suffering through orthodontics. She says she likes me because I remember obscure things she says... Most people say that I annoy them because I don't remember things they say. I have no idea what any of this means. Like so much stuff in my life lately, a lot of different things had to fall into place for us to meet. She's led an interesting life. If we'd met any time before now, I'm not sure we would get along as well. She's ticklish. She's creative. She's 21... yeah... I know. She's closer to my brother's age than she is to mine. I don't care. She's a college senior. As crazy as it seems, it feels good to be around college students again. It feels better to know I'm not one any more. Christy & I don't have a whole lot in common. We both like green grapes and Dave Matthews and, well, we both wear shoes. So far, that seems like enough.

I don't know, but I think I may like this girl...

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