I was off and did absolutely nothing.

I was off and did absolutely nothing.

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24 Mar. 2002
No entry.

24 Mar. 2001
No entry.
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Quote du jour:
"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty." - President John F. Kennedy


I'll be honest. As a journalist, I always wanted the chance to do a front page about war. Of course, that was from a newsman's point of view -- so involved in the facts but somewhat detached from the reality. Now, I find myself in the role of Joe Citizen... And in the middle of what has become a recurring inner conflict -- sorting through life while trapped in the middle ground.

It seems to me that our current war against Iraq has two sides... the "kill 'em all" side and the "no war" side. Practically everyone I know falls into one of the two groups... and, usually, in an extreme way. However, there are shades of gray somewhere in there. If you look closely, that's where you will find me -- feeling quite alone.

I both oppose war and support it strongly, if that's possible.

I oppose it because, simply put, it sucks. People die... Innocent people. Guys and girls that drive old Geo Metros & new Ford Trucks. People that love cold Budweiser and hockey games. People that go to church. People that are troop leaders for Girl & Boy Scouts. People who walk their dog in the park. People that have children and best friends and moms, dads and grandparents. Real people. People not much different than you and I. Dead. You know, as in no longer living. Call me old fashioned if you will, but I'm just not a big fan of death. And for that reason alone, I think war is a bad idea.

But sometimes... Well, sometimes, you must pull out the option of the last resort. Sometimes, you have to do things that suck... Quite possibly, "sometimes" is now.

In Iraq, we have a country that is (a) run by an oppressive dictator, (b) quite possibly producing weapons of mass destruction and (c) in support of the Taliban's actions on September 11, 2001. If we could sit down and -- as many protesters suggest -- rationally discuss the matter with Hussein & the gang, I'd be for it. But I think it makes sense that you can only speak rationally with people who are themselves rational.

      ra·tion·al adj.
      1. Having or exercising the ability to reason.
      2. Of sound mind; sane.

There's no way Saddam Hussein meets that definition.

Something else had to be done.

Random thoughts...


We delivered an attack that was both shocking and awesome. For me, the former came with the cinamaesque explosions and the latter came as we did it while avoiding civilian targets. The lights are still on in Baghdad. We haven't taken out Iraqi TV. We bombed palaces... not schools & churches. Our war was waged against Saddam and not the people of the country. Somehow, we deserve points for that.

I'm surprised at how quickly some folks thought this war would be over. This isn't a war of air strikes. We aren't dropping a few bombs and heading to the house. This is ground war and we're about to wage battle in a very large urban environment. Lives will be lost. (See above regarding war sucking.) Winning will take some time.

This guy is a dumb ass. Did more people vote for Al Gore than for George W. Bush? Well, of course they did. That's not front page news. And it doesn't make Bush a fictitious president. The rules (electoral college) were in place and were followed. Bush won according to the rules. Let's move on.

I never want any Hollywood type telling me what's fictitious. Most people involved in making movies are as far removed from reality as possible. I'm not against show business folks. It's a job and it pays the bills... But an actor or producer thinking that their world is the same world I live in... Well, that's what is fictitious.

Unlike many "pro-war" folks I know, I fully support the right of every American to open his trap -- much like I'm doing here -- and let fly opinions on any and all subjects.

I don't equate anti-war with anti-American, although I think some anti-war people are anti-American. The freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble applies to everyone -- even the people you don't agree with.

Of course, I don't think that all of the people currently enjoying the freedom of speech realize that it took war to earn that right and to keep it.

I've heard some folks try to make a Vietnam-esque comparison already... and it just doesn't fly. Yes, people will die... And yes, it will suck. But that's part of the deal and it's part of what the men and women of our military are willing to face. Put away your 45 of "Fortunate Son." We aren't sending anyone over to Iraq that doesn't want to be there. Our troops know what they face. That's why they are there.

If Uncle Sam calls, I'll go. My dad put in 23 years in the national guard. His dad was in the Army Air Corps. My mom's dad was a submarine man aboard the USS Silversides in WWII. I don't mind serving as the third generation. Of course, I seriously doubt many of the anti-war folks feel the same way... but if asked to go, I'd fight for their right to feel that way.

This guy is a chicken shit. Why aren't more people coming out and saying as such? Sure, when our country was attacked on September 11th, our president tried the "undisclosed location" thing... but by that night, he was on live television and we all knew where he was. He didn't hide. He didn't tape bogus videos and try to pass them off as legitimate. Say what you will about the politics of G.W. Bush, but he runs circles around Hussein in the courage department.

The UN can have no respect or power. France began the undoing by proving that "disarm or else" really means "disarm only if you really, really want to." Then, the United States contributed to the UN's demise by proving that "if the UN doesn't approve something, you can go and do it anyway." Oddly enough, isn't the latter why we're at war with Iraq to being with?

"To those nations who would make themselves our adversary, we offer not a pledge but a request: that both sides begin anew the quest for peace, before the dark powers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self-destruction." - President John F. Kennedy

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