Monday, July 7, 2003
quote du jour:
"Just for laughs I dialed her old number, but no one knew her name. Hung up the phone, sat there and wondered if she'd ever done the same. I took a walk in the evening wind to clear my head somehow. But tonight, I lie here thinking, 'what's she doing now?" -- Garth Brooks, "What She's Doing Now"
I remember...

...When Lindsay & I tried to fake a date as a prank on Alex.

...Lindsay helping me shop for a Christmas gift and us sitting in my truck outside the journalism building afterward. I asked her out for real... and she said yes.

...our first date -- December 4, 1999. Zoë said I was on Cloud 109 -- not just 9 -- afterward.

...where Lindsay & I first kissed -- in a truck stop parking lot. It was the middle spot between her town and Oakdale and where we'd met to go out.

...bringing her to Smallville.

...carving "12-29-99" into the plaster in the newsroom wall of the college newspaper office when we stopped by there one afternoon.

...having sex with her later that night.

...that December 29, 1999 was the first day I ever heard "Blue" by Eiffel 65 and the first day I'd heard "The Best Day" by George Strait.

...that December 29, 1999 was the day Lindsay told me that she wanted to remain a virgin. Yeah, that came before the sex.

...that Lindsay was at my house the moment we found out the world didn't end when 1999 became 2000.

...letting the word "love" slip out for the first time.

...getting her a big teddy bear -- because she didn't have one -- and roses for her birthday.

...making love for the first time -- February 12, 2000.

...finding out that she wasn't always a big fan of honesty.

...calling her during the "Rape In Georgia" trip and professing some sort of deep feelings for her on her voice mail.

...calling and leaving opposite sentiments on her voice mail weeks later during an infamous spring 2000 drunk in Jonathan's living room. breaking up...

...and me kissing her one last time.

...her and Alex driving up for the July 4th fireworks at my house in 2000. saying things to her lover that I shouldn't have...

...and him saying that he would erase me from the earth...

...her calling me and me refusing to apologize.

...her saying that she never wanted to see me again.

Lindsay is married now... or should be. I talked to Alex June 27th and she told me that Lindsay was supposed to be married the next day. I don't know the guy, which is probably a good thing. Of course, I'll be honest. I might have crashed the wedding if I hadn't had to work.

Married. Hitched. Happily ever after. Lindsay. Wow.

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