Tuesday, October 5, 2004
quote du jour:
"I knew this was wrong but I didn't listen. 'Cause a heart only knows what feels right. Oh, I need to reach a decision and get on with the rest of my life." - Vince Gill, "Which Bridge To Cross"

There are a few amusement parks across the country that all have a variation of this one particular ride that appears to defy gravity -- if for just a few moments. In each ride, the rider is strapped into a car and shot straight up in the air on a pole. As the car prepares to drop, the rider is weightless for just a moment.

I happened to see a children's show demostrating the effects of the ride one day. The show's host took a clear cylinder on the ride with him. There was a small red ball inside the cylinder. When the ride car reached the top and began to drop, the ball floated within the cylinder -- seemingly weightless.

I am that red ball -- floating somewhere in the middle of things.

That is all. It's not much but it's an entry. That's enough for now.

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