"I don't think anyone is the same after they meet you..."

I was born during the Carter administration. · I get nostalgic. · I love Christmas and Christmas music. · I'm not a fan of spiral notebooks because you can't add or rearrange the pages. · When it's sunny, I don't squint both eyes. I leave one open and nearly close the other. · I was a late bloomer and I still wonder what sort of blooming I have left. · I love Uni-Ball Vision pens in black ink with a micro width... no other pen will do. · I chew on my pens. · When I was little, I wanted to be a firefighter, then a doctor, then an astronaut, then a journalist... For now, I'm settling on my first choice. As of June 2002, I'm a career firefighter in a suburban department. · My house caught fire when I was 2 1/2 years old. It's my first memory. · My house caught fire again in December 2001. · I 've lived in four houses in two cities. · My parents divorced when I was in elementary school. · I've been online since 1995. It all started on CompuServe. · I value a college degree... but not all of the classes it takes to get one. · I have two degrees. An associate's in general studies and a bachelor's in mass communications. · I haven't had a pet since my dalmatian died in first grade. · I will own another dog one of these days. · I love moist scrambled eggs and sausage biscuits and pancakes and... well... I just love breakfast. · I've only had two "real" relationships. I guess I'm a believer in casual arrangements. · I want to own a two-story house. · I don't like lazy people and I'm doing my best not to become one. · The traits I find most annoying in others are usually traits I see in myself. · I think God does send some folks into your life to serve as a warning. · Do as I say... Not as I do. · If I were king of the world, we had a 36 hour day. We'd be awake for 24 and sleep for 12. · I keep strange hours.  · I love sunrises. · College ball beats the NFL any day. · Two things that absolutely drive me nuts are not being able to breathe through my nose and having pain in a place I can't see. · I had pneumonia in seventh grade and was in the hospital for a week. · McDonald's shakes aren't very good. · I think too much... and if I could think as in depth for fictional situations as I do for real life, I'd write for television.

... and that's a good thing." - Alex


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