The JohnDoe Neighborhood
The journal co-operative that so graciously gives me a place to write.

Darn Tootin' by Rob.
The observations of writer, presidential candidate, novelist, statesman, bass trombonist, chubbin wrangler, past hedgehog owner and former neighborhood Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots champion Rob Rummel-Hudson.

Hashai by Anna Beth.
Every now and then, you get lucky and find a kick-ass journal. Every now and then, you stumble across a journaler that shares some of your same stomping grounds. Only with Hashai and her North Louisiana roots have I happily found both.

Radical Mirrors by Mary Ellen & Jeff.
What happens when Jeff of OneFreeRadical.Com moves in with
gets engaged to Mary Ellen The Sexy-Eyed Librarian* of Smoke & MIrrors? Radical Mirrors! (* It is my understanding that this is her bonified legal name. *)

A Bunch of Grapes by Jessamyn.
"...I like what I’m writing. And I do expect that some of you will read something I’ve written, and that some of you will FEEL something because of what you’ve read. Because of what I've written. And that motivates me. Because that would be really cool."

Jailbird Journal by Inmate #N508853.
"On June 30th, 1999, I was leaving a bar after drinking two beers and playing two games of foosball. Leaving the bar in a part of town I was unfamiliar with, I was pulled over for speeding. The officer smelled the alcohol. I did the stupid human tricks. I refused the breathalizer. I was arrested. I went to court. I was sentenced to 55 days in jail. This is my story..."

Lessons Learned by Lisa.
Lessons Learned isn't anything too out of the ordinary. It's just the typical journal of a thirty-something mother of two living in a "fairly extreme BDSM relationship" with her husband ./ master in the middle of rural New Hampshire.

My Life As a Human Science Experiment by Jenifer.
A person I consider myself lucky to know. Visit her & get lucky, too.

My LIfe In 12-Point Type by Jan.
Packed up and headed west. Has a new husband and an even newer baby.

Parietal Pericardium by Joanne.
The writings of a telephone meat salesperson turned poet (well, sort of) transplanted from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Tenneessee (Motto: "Agriculture & Commerce") all for the sake of love (the transplanting thing, not the poet thing).


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