We became friends when I fell in love with her sister. We followed that friendship by dating for a few months once upon a time. I broke up with her and then we became best friends. Everyone thinks something is going on between us. The truth is, everyone is sort of right. Although what exactly is going on between us is something that I don't even know at times.

A very important person to me -- not for anything she's done or anything she's hasn't done -- but for her continual presense in my life in so many ways. We've dated, fooled around, been friends, been enemies and have shared some of the best moments in our lives. She has a carefree persona but there is definately more to her than meets the eye. What is she hiding underneath her outer shell? I'm not sure as I've only seen glimpses. I just hope she meets someone that it better than me at bringing it out to the open.

She appeared in my life out of nowhere in the fall of 1999. She grabbed my heart and took it on an interesting ride. She taught me lessons in love and honesty (and how it feels when people aren't 100% honest about love). I met in her October 1999, we started dating in December, we broke up in March 2000 and she stopped talking to me six months later. I have never seen anyone have so many personalities and I have never gone through so many emotions in such a short time. Our short relationship allowed me to experience the highest of highs in life -- and the lowest of lows.

She is -- simply -- one of the coolest people I've ever met. She's got the best personality in the world. She's a deep thinker. She likes the Carpenters and Seasame Street. I laugh my ass off when I'm around her. She's cute. We used to get together until the wee hours of the morning and talk about just about everything. She is also one of the most generous people i know. She would do anything for a friend. That's usually a good thing, but sometimes I think she's too willing to suffer for the sake a friend.

He was my deputy editor at the school paper during the Spring 2001 semester. More importantly, he is a good buddy who I wouldn't have met if he had not decided to join the paper staff in 1999. He was on the infamous "Rape In Georgia" trip with me. I don't question his friendship because I know he is a pal, but his desire to be "independent" sometimes makes me wonder how good of friends we are or aren't. He knows "super secret shit" about me and keeps it "super secret." I guess that's a good sign.

A friend of a friend who I dated for about a month after a chance meeting at a club in January 2003. We hit it off wonderfully and were hacing a good time until, out of the blue, things turned odd. She wasn't sure what she wanted. I didn't much know, either. We called it friends, but that aspect of our relationship hasn't blossomed as well as it probably should have.

Little Brother
Obviously, my younger sibling. He's 20 and graduated from high school in 2001. He followed me down to SUO... but we ran in completely different circles. One day, he wants to be a lawyer. He would probably be voted "Most willing to cut off family ties" at our family reunion -- if we went to one. The funny thing is that he would also be the least likely to actually do it. He's not a bad guy overall. To put it in perspective... If I was some girl's daddy, I'd want her dating Little Brother. With that said, he does have an asshole streak in him. I live with that because he's family and, as they say, blood is thicker than shit.

A career firefighter on the Smallville Fire Department. I have him to thank for quite a bit of firefighting knowledge and leadership. We get along well became we're part of a small minority that take the job seriously and despise department politics. In addition to what he's taught me professionally, I respect him because he's a good husband and and a swell father. I can use someone to learn those lessons from. He's also a dedicated Christian... and I hope that I can eventually have the grasp on our faith as he does.

Before she graduated from SUO in May 2001, she, Jonathan and I were a pretty tight-knit group. However, she married the next month and I haven't seen her since. As the wedding grew closer, she seemed to grow further away from us. I guess the last two years prove that that's what was happening afterall. The family she married into is a wacky bunch and it looks like she's forcing herself to chose between them and us. I think she's picking them. Macy and Jonathan have always been really good friends. At one time, most everyone was rooting for them to fall in love and live happily ever after. They should have. But I guess things don't always work out like we think they should. She was an English major, appreciates good music and good literature and is now a public school teacher.

Jonathan and I met Amy at journalism convention in spring 2000. They hit it off romantically... but all the three of us seemed to be connected from the beginning. When we're together, we're all on the same sheet of music. I feel like I've known her my whole life and I feel closer to her than I do some of the folks I've known throughout college. For several months, it seemed that Amy and Jonathan had a future together. However, she cut the romantic ties with him so that she can marry an old fiancé. It's a wierd situation and I'm not sure what the future holds for Amy and Jonathan... or the three of us as friends.

One of Zoë's people. I've known her as long as I've known Zoë... but I haven't bugged her nearly as much as I have Zoë. Lucky for Maria. She's a smart gal and cute as a button. What can I say? I only associate with the best. :-)

We joined the paper staff together in the fall of 1998. As the semesters have passed, we've become pretty good friends. It's also been cool to watcher her grow professionally. She followed me and spent a year as editor of the university paper. We graduated together in May. While I try to figure out what's next... she's going off to get her Master's in journalism. Once of these days, I may end up working for her.

I met Doc about the same time I met Zoë & Maria. From the day I met her, something about her interested me. I didn't have a clue what it was then and I'm not sure what it is now. I always considered her a friend... but in the final few weeks before she graduated from college, I found out that she really was. That's a great feeling.

The fellow Lindsay jumped into bed with after we broke up. He's actually a pretty decent guy and we used to get along fairly well. Unfortunately, I said some things I shouldn't have and there were hostilities. I still deal with him from time-to-time in a professional setting and all is well. I have no clue what his status is with Lindsay.

A friend from high school. She went to college in our hometown but moved off when she graduated. With her in another state, we didn't talk much for a year or so. She moved back home for grad school, but things didn't have the chance to return to normal for us. She's now living out of the state and we communication once every blue moon via e-mail. We never dated, but came close a couple of times. We were famous for sexual innuendo.

Jessie's little sister. She's the same age as I and was a very close friend in high school... I sort of screwed that up when I developed a love interest in her. (Whoops) The friendship sort of took a rocky road for a while, but it seems as though happy endings to exsist. We are friends once again and I'm grateful for it. She was the one that introduced me to Zoe, et. al. and is one of the reason's I ended up going to school where I am.

Took over operations at the yearbook after Alex graduated. He's been romantically interested in both Lindsay and Alex at one time or another which I find interesting because I dated them both. He seems more comfortable with women than men. He does not understand the meaning of "confidentiality." He is young and has a lot to learn. He's gonna be "good people" one day. It's just going to take him seeing and doing as much stuff as possible.

Jeremy, I guess, is a lost soul of sorts. He is the epitomy of "all talk an little action" -- a combination of a vivid imagination and probably some sort of social anxiety disorder. Since high school, he's been through a half-dozen jobs, dropped out of college and lied more than once about going back. He has all sorts of potential, but either isn't eager or is afraid to use it. For some reason, he seems content with the lowest common denominator. He loves hanging out with older folks, but seems afraid to be with people of his own age. I've tried three million times to reach out to him and try to jump start... it hasn't worked yet. He recently got married -- and the Jeremy his wife seems to know is a totally opposite version of the guy I've known since 1987. I guess that makes some sense because he rarely visits or calls. Of course, at his wedding, I was introduced as his best friend... so I have no idea what's really going on.

No bio... just a listing. See the March 13, 2001 entry for more details.

Nate joined the paper staff in the fall of 2000. He seemed to be an overall good guy in addition to working fairly hard. As his time of staff progressed, he spent more time with us all outside the office. In the spring, he sort of merged in with Jonathan and I and we've formed an interesting threesome. Notable entry... March 17, 2001.

Julie was a student at my university, but we didn't really run in the same circles. I met her the first semester I was there (fall 1998), but it seems that we end up talking more online than in real life. I hadn't seen her since summer 1999 until we got together March 1, 2001. We sort of crossed the line from friendship, but she's gotten engaged since then and doesn't want much of anything to do with me now.

Amanda and Jessie's first cousin. She graduated high school in 2001 and is fairly cute. She lives several hundred miles away, but visits family here every so often. We've been trying to hook her up with my brother (they are the same age) for quite a while. During the Christmas 2000 holidays, they finally became close friends and had a little romantic action.

I have heard about Tim off and on for as long as I have known Alex. She says that they dated in high school and every few months, she talks about him as though they are dating again. I can't really comment because I've never met the guy. He is in the Army and lives thousands of miles away. Around about Thanksgiving 2000, Tim became Alex's dream mate. She talked about him to anyone that would listen and to some people that wouldn't (like yours truly). She talked about them getting married and living happily ever after. She didn't come to see me during December because he was home. However, she has not said much about him since.

Mrs. Cobb
There are people on this Earth that I will never be able to understand. Mrs. Cobb is near the top of that list. She is the secretary in the Office of Student Publications. She tells everyone what to do (including her boss -- the student publications advisor) and everyone goes along with her because they are afraid of her. She tends to lie about a lot of stuff. She likes making her simple job seem much harder than it is. She is a racist. Currently, she pretends that I don't exsist. She pretends to care about folks like Alex and David. However, I have a feeling that she wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. She's married to a church decon... but I think she's evil.

Devil Chick
She worked next to me at my summer 2000 newspaper job. She had the number "666" prominently incorporated into her e-mail address. She had suspicious musical interests. She thought she was "the shit" when it came to graphic design... but she really failed to back that claim up. She was notorious for 15 minute smoke breaks every hour. Shortly after I left the paper, she deleted many of my project files.

Smiley Boy
He was another coworker at my summer 2000 paper. You can walk up to him and tell him something... and all he does is nod and smile... nod and smile... nod and smile... He may throw an occasional "yep" in there, but that's about it. I also spent quality time redesigning some of the projects he worked on.

Smallville is the place I call home (as do the nearly 10,000 folks that live there). They've got a whopping six stop lights, a Wal-Mart Supercenter, a six-screen theatre, a strip mall , a four-year university and baseball fields in every corner of town. It's nice. It's quaint. But it's small. And for me, it was often too small. I never objected to the idea of coming back to Smallville to live... but I always desired the chance to move away first. I think that wish has come true.

Smallville U.
It's a small university in my hometown (actually, it's just down the street from my house). I went to school there briefly. Well, I was enrolled. Actually attending class was tough for me. Jessie took her MBA and earned a spot as a instructer there now.

I went to school in Oakdale. It is one of two cities that sit side-by-side. The "metro" area has about 147,000 people. There are about 55,000 in Oakdale, about 16,000 in the other city and some 76,000 spread out in other parts of the county. It wasn't a bad place to go to school, but I seriously doubt that I would want to live here.

State University at Oakdale
Nearly 12,000 folks were enrolled there not too many years ago. Of course, in the four years I spent there, I had to watch it shrink to just shy of 9,000. I take comfort by hoping that I'm was not the cause of the decline. Our biggest problem is that the athletics, the administration, the faculty and the students all have different agendas. I went there because I had friends here. Most of those friends have graduated and moved on. I guess it's my turn to do that, too. I've got the degree... Let's just see if I can move on.

When the "Great Job Hunt of 2002" suddenly took me from no prospects to three, I chose the Lakeland Fire Department. Although Lakeland is very similar to Smallville from a population standpoint, the simularities end there. Lakeland is a suburb of the capital city and the citizen's expect the same services as other cities in the metro area.

Franklin is the capital of my home state and is now where I call home. It's not too big of a place to live, but it's the largest city in my state. Although Franklin itself falls shy of the 200,000 population mark, nearly half of a million people live in the metro area. That's a stark contrast to Smallville and it keeps me balanced as I work in Lakeland. It gives me the best of both worlds.


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